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  1. i think that the merge needs to happen, it would combine the entire community, the playerbase is already small, and it is divided. to a point that makes the game not as enjoyable. epic still has potential and needs to be fixed from the crap updates from the past, i personally would like to see nfi having access to epic, and to do that a merge of sfi and nfi needs to take place. the sooner the better.
  2. Goodbye

    alot of ppl older then that play this game..its meant for older players tbh, anyways i do hope you return and i also wish you the best good luck.
  3. deed progress is coming along, were are still looking for more players willing to give epic a try or return to this great server.
  4. So far 4 people have popped over, I know their are plenty of people out there interested in trying out pvp, but your worried it's to toxic. Not all on a pvp server is like that....come join us and see how much closer and friendlier our community is. We won't leave you to struggle and you can still do the things you love in the game.
  5. the more the merrier, would love to have you if you decide to join epic.
  6. personally i think that i never should have a pinpoint, thats the whole point of the compass and map dumps, its medieval times, no such thing as gps in the time this game is taking place......
  7. Hello, Many may remember me others may not, but i was the creator of Mol Rehan Academy originally. I am returning back to epic to recreate it. It is a deed meant to help teach newer players or help those who will be returning to epic get situated, i am looking to see if there is anyone out their willing to help me start rebuilding the MR way of life and restore epic to its glory once again. Blood and Honor is what we fight for, so come join us and be honored by all your MR brothers as we shed Blood together in Glory! We are waiting for you!
  8. i think its time epic is revived...im an old epic player and i am now returning to the server, encourage many other older players to also return and i really hope some new players will join as well. epic was always a great time and a great community and i think it is time that it got some love from the player base again. lets rebuild those great fortresses and cities that we all loved and conquered. lets finally revive EPIC and make it great again. i met alot of friends, and made alot of enemies i respect on the epic cluster in my previous years of playing, and i would love to bring that all back to the game. chaos is linked to the freedom servers and it doesnt really show pvp true justice, defiance was a sad joke and many of us tried it and left, it wasnt really want we wanted...but epic is what its name says. IT IS AN EPIC PLACE OF COMARADERIE! IT IS A EPIC PLACE OF LANDS TO BE DEVELOPED! AND IT IS AN EPIC PLACE OF PVP AND WARFARE IF YOU SO WANT IT. COME JOIN US ON EPIC AGAIN! LETS LIVE ALITTLE!
  9. tridents point is still taking in new and old villagers to join our community
  10. +1 when i returned back to the game epic was dead and so i went to freedom, after spending so much on freedom grinding my skills I don't really feel like going back to epic because of the loss. i think a system should be added, a lot of us would start playing on epic again probably. some of the best times iv ever had in wurm was on the epic cluster it offers more to the game. I don't get the same thrill on freedom servers as I once did on epic and I would like to see it revived.
  11. now there is a way to drasticly lower the quality of an item, put them inside a trash heap and watch the ticks of dmg, pull item out after 1 hour and repair it if u leave it in to long then it will destroy the item for good also the spell sunder like oblivion said https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sunder
  12. first i dont understand why you would make a skiller tool rare, it being rare decreases the skill gain while using it because it makes the action easier. Tools that are used to gather resources - for example shovel or pickaxe, get a slightly faster timer (0.1 seconds subtracted per rarity level) and provides a higher quality resource upon finishing the action. How much higher is determined by a multitude of factors: so therefore it defeats the purpose of using it to power skill. and would be better used as a high ql gathering tool or imping tool.
  13. um make an alt, and just craft no smithing skill means creation will be like 1ql you can also fail on gathering materials which results with the ql of the material to 1 sometimes, this happens and you should save those mats instead of throwing them away. creation mats are good to have on hand at all times.
  14. if you want a 1 ql tool then just make one, why waste the materials it took to imp a tool up in quality in the first place. I see no reason to make it easier to lower ql of an item when so many people are trying to keep it as high quality as possible for faster actions and better quality material gathered. Just make a new tool. its not much easier then that.
  15. Year of 1100

    this would be a great idea i cant see what comes of it. +1