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  1. you can keybind special moves so you don't need a button in all reality. even with different colors for event log it wont make it easier to track while its rapidly flying specially in larger villages, now maybe adding something that allows us to have personal action tab would be better. event tab for general events in vicinity and action tab for your own actions.
  2. -1000, none of your ideas are even worth bothering with looking at....the current game mechanics work just fine and based off the response so far i would say that the reasoning that alot of players want what your suggesting is wrong... you should just learn to play properly and protect your stuff witht he current mechanics like everyone else does, also they already have a kos feature that allows you to kos people on your deed, basicly forcing ur templars and the tower guards on deed to attack said players you have kos'ed....use the reputation system like it is suppose to be used. Also said reputation would also allow you to attack said players yourself. stop trying to change mechanics that work just fine there are a million other things that are more important.
  3. im updating the info now. thanks
  4. what the hell does taxing players have to do with organization......your a villager owner you have full control and rights over your village it is up to you to keep it organized....this feature will never be added and im 100% against the crap reasoning here...also real communities work together to do the upkeep or progress the deed. setup a system yourself as a village owner, if people want to be apart of it they will join, plenty of villages charge rent, some dont. most villages give plot spacing for villagers to keep things organized. seriously just move to pvp if you want to steal stuff, the reason players play on pve is because it is safe no risk to lose they things they pay and work hard for. stealing things is a pvp function for any game and hence is on the pvp server. you trying to get rid of the pve player base who just wants to build normally. again it is pve, and you can expand your perimeter in the settings yourself. if you want space for trees then claim more land to have a tree farm....you need to play pvp with the mine set your trying to bring, also none of your other ideas are even appealing either.
  5. no i dont like this at all.....-1 if king was decided via stats then only a select few would ever have a shot at becoming king, i do agree that there should be requirements, but this idea is not the way to go. the system does need a rework over all, but not to set it so that the highest battlerank gets it or the highest said str gets it....now maybe like increase percent chance based off of rank, characteristic stats, fightskill, ect. would be a more reasonable path to take. instead of the .015% lottery bs, you have a higher chance to get a supreme item.
  6. that will never happen, they removed all the player made god priests.....the point of a priest is to trade up something for bonuses.....imping is the chosen thing you wont get....no point in continuing to try make game easier for urself. maybe thats how you see it but thousands of players see it differently. they wont be removed and ill be one of those who fight against it.
  7. you obviously didnt even read what i posted, noone said anything about making a crafter priest, and on pvp the entire community works together and supports the everyone including the priests that are neccesary for pvp. there is no selling random junk just to get gear.....pvp servers dont work that way.....maybe thats how pve is, but not the same on community based kingdoms. what was said is u can main a priest and make a crafter alt, and that you can still grind skills thru creation means if u decide to unpriest later also there are no champions on the new server, thats a thing of the past and has been removed.
  8. if you are willing to give pvp a try, my group is recruiting for defiance and you can always go back and play on the pve servers with the same character. alot of us pvpers have been trying to bring in more fresh players to the pvp servers, and we can teach you alot beyond the normal grind and creating. tbh it would be really great if more pve like minde dplayer gave pvp a real chance. it isnt exactly how everyone preceives it to be, you dont get killed daily, and just cause it is full loot the community really isnt as toxic as what you would think for pvp...we all want the community to grow and try to avoid griefing as much as possible to bring pvp and fun to the game. so give the pvp server defiance a shot and hit me back with a message. anyone really if you have any interest at all thanks.
  9. there is plenty of people who main priests, and make alt crafter accounts especially on pvp servers. the restriction are there to make it harder for said player who choses new powers over skilling other skills. what most people forget to realize is that the only restriction really is imping and not being able to either cut trees, dig, mine.....you can still skill every skill in game because creation can still be done, you just cant grind via imping.....therefore if you decide to end your priesthood you still have skills you have worked on in the mean time. not being able to do everything else is what makes a priest so powerful in the first place...i dont think it should be removed. also the penalty is there for a reason, it forces you to follow your gods ideas, if you go against your god you receive its wrath... its not hard just dont go unfaithful..... i agree with possibly doing an account system with character slots like most mmos do...tbh i have like 6-7 accounts and they are all premmed and for me to maintain them it is quite expensive, if they want to keep players they should probably implement something like this...not everyone wil enjoy the game the way myself and others do enough to maintain multiple accounts....
  10. its not plausible to do this because the game is built by square blocks and tiles.....its not practical based off that alone to be able to do a radius deed
  11. i dont agree the conversion restriction is to stop players on pvp servers from rapid changing between faiths just to fill gaps, the conversion restriction is also there so that one person cant just use all 3-4 priest choices on one character as well...having the restriction is there for a reason, if you want all priest option then make 4 priests, the point of the game is forming communities so that you get all the priests within your community. so this change will never happen.
  12. i also agree, if the reason for this change is because of the skill grind transfer of channeling then they can just make it so channeling doesn't transfer between servers, there is other solutions then making drastic changes like this. i personally enjoy having freedom to do what i really want on pve when i need a pvp break.
  13. thats good...lol been a long time since i did a new toon
  14. i think they should add a skip tutorial options from the get go, this might help with player bog-down and lag on getting into areas, new player who need it would still be able to use it, but anyone who has some experience can by pass the whole tutorial system completely