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  1. It's a little slow, but its definitely working again. If this fixed itself, then I'm just glad its working. If it was the Wurm team, then thanks for taking care of this guys. My wife will hate you for it, but I'm glad to have Wurm up and playing again!!
  2. Remote controlling a computer over 30 miles away and while its actually able to download the graphics file, its telling me that it'll take 2hrs. It can't download the sounds.jar pack at all.
  3. I'm not suffering any packet loss as of right now... but I supposed I could've at the time that I was downloading the pack updates.
  4. I've tried to download both packs with no success. It seems that it just sits and waits infinitely without doing anything.
  5. I also have had a lot of issues with Java 7. The only way that I could get the game to run at all was with Java 6u38 (though I WAS able to use the 64 bit).
  6. Well I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. Reading through the rest of this section of the forums, it seems that several people also had issues with pack updates. Unfortunately, however, they were able to fix their issue through simple reboots, and neither logging off, nor a full restart has fixed this problem at all.
  7. I started my client tonight, the same as always. It got stuck at 72% while downloading the graphic packs. I waited for 15 minutes, and with no progress at all (still at 72%), I decided to force the application to close (the quit button also was not working). I then tried to restart the client, and while it would open, it opened to a blank screen where the news was supposed to be, and then became unresponsive. I waited, and it never got anywhere. I once again forced the application closed, restarted my computer, and tried again. I got the same white screen again. I unistalled java, deleted the wurm folder. I re-installed java, and freshly downloaded the client from Now I'm stuck at "Downloading Application" in Java, and have once again hit a wall where I'm making no apparent progress. Is anyone else having this issue? Anyone able to help me here?
  8. Pristine Wind

    Definitely just you. Check the weather more often.
  9. I'm surprised there isn't one already. Structure is a good thing, and a necessary evil. That said, if a stick is made only for the purpose of "laying out the rules" its not going to accomplish its full potential. Any sticky made for the forums should also include advice guidelines which include what kind of info is being looked for or advice that would provoke some further brainstorming before just "omgijusthazaidea" posting. Are there really no forum mods who are dedicated to this yet? Surely there has to be?
  10. It also has seen its fair share of troll posts and I've never seen a GM get trigger happy with the 'ban recommendation'. Like I said, you feel the need to do it, go ahead. I have a lot more to concern myself with than the lack of humor of those offended by an obvious troll post.
  11. Poll was obviously meant to be that way.... if the number 3 option wasn't a clear enough sign for you... then you need help.
  12. Lol at a threat to forum ban me. If this is bannable, do it. I really don't care. Idle threats are just that, and shouldn't be made, do what you feel like you need to. TL;DR - don't take things so seriously. Edit - Just make sure you also ban the troll that made the thread I responded to (see the link)
  13. That isn't true at all. I happen to like having my personal pasture on deed. What I do realize however, is regardless of his intention, the suggestion just isn't feasible. You either - 1) Risk having one person who hordes items reduce the amount that other people in the same deed can make 2) Make the item limit so high in order to avoid the issue presented by #1 that the change will never affect anything and is therefore pointless 3) Suffer the severe anger of people who, as Roan said, lose 90+ ql items (which btw takes more work than hording animals) just to make an animal horder happy, thereby creating a problem by "solving" one. This just isn't a good idea, and as I said before its short-sighted. Edit - in reference to the "months of time and planning going down the drain": Are you familiar with the new "leveling" option? I spent 3 months terraforming my deed just to have some new option thrown in less than 2 weeks after I finished. I'm not asking to nerf what everyone gets to do just to make myself happy though.
  14. The problem with this idea is that time does not determine maturity, nor does a 1000 post forum-camper counter. You guys shouldn't take it so seriously. Its a game... breathe a bit and laugh some. Or just don't visit the post.