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  1. Bump. Sold Flycat for 20s. I put the 20s into Philipps pockets and also the Knarr is back. Put the price back to Euros. This time its very cheap ( 25 Euro for a character with 47carp,.... , 20 silver and a Knarr, and also about 20 tools)
  2. yes 1 month of5 or more prayers is useles. also the money i put in it has no worth. i know dude
  3. stick to 20s you sais before and we have a deal dont forget that he also got good fighting tools
  4. no problem also added vynora to the post now
  5. wanna maybe look at mine?
  6. taking only Euros as said in the first post edit taking silver now too
  7. hes vynora ( you can see that from the tags of the post)
  8. u think so? i think thats ok but if u want i can sell u for 50s philipp and 35s flycat
  9. McGarnicle got it for 10s pm me for times when u are online
  10. i clicked post, then saw a mistake, corrected it and so i clicked 2 times so it came 2 times up
  11. Hey guys i wanna give my unfinished rare forge for auction starting bid: 4s no reserve minimum increase:1s private bids: yes auctions ends: 10/01/2013 at 19:00 gmt+1 sniper protection: no you can get the forge in deliverance, im going to bring it to you free (weight is about 40kg) edit: reduced start price to 4s reduced sniper protection to no sniper protection reduced min inc down to 80c
  12. Sorry guys, double post