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  1. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    I don't know what I like more, these news or seeing how much fun you have to work on this project. I am really curious how this will continue so yes, please share all the nerdy details you are allowed to share. Guranteed like for those from me every time. Thanks a lot @Keenanand @Buddaand the other devs as well I suppose... and the guy who writes the text.
  2. Increased Macro Questions?

    I got one many years ago when surfacemining like crazy and my fatigue was on the last hour, funny enough it poped up a few minutes after I complained in the IRC channel about fatigue being annoying. I don't remeber the question though, bet it wasn't creative or funny enough.
  3. Why is transmutation so horrible?

    hm... I have a hard time to follow this. My NS Skill sits at 65 or so, I used 50-60ql lumps and 40-50ql juice. I got the random 70-80ql liquid, but in the end I just spamed my trash mats away that I would have never used for anything else anyhow but skilling and made 12 transmuted tiles (4x clay, 4x peat, 4x tar) within 4-5 hours. Considering how fast this went compared to other things in Wurm, I would have regreted using anything high QL on that task. I guess it makes more sense to go for high QL stuff if you plan to deliver the liquid to someone, as you will need a lot less but for my personal usage it was ok. Maybe the min-maxer within me died, no clue.
  4. Useless christmas gifts

    Idk it is a "free" gift, to complain about free things seems weird. Some people may like it, some don't... thats how it is with gifts I guess. That aside, it was hinted at by a dev that these Snowmans have some sort of secret and if people dispose of them for whatever reason they won't be replaced. So, just have to figure out what they do... only hint was said to be the examine text: "A statue of a snowman with his hands held out as if offering something." Good luck.
  5. Hello, when walking the sound of footsteps is normal, weather is also normal. But when I fight a Spider or Hell Hound (I assume it goes for everything I could fight) or when I level the ground / dig in general the sounds for that are very low volume, hardly audible even with the ingame Sound put to max and my PCs volume on 100%. Haven't tried other actions yet. I tried Hardware and Software Sound Engine, no change. I tried Preview and Stable Client, no change on either. Out of ideas what else to try.
  6. [Fixed] Some sounds are very low volume

    Tried verifying the game files via the launcher, tinkering with my PC settings (though no other app was affected so eh) - nothing helped. Fix: Had to reinstall the game, deleting every trace of Wurm in Java and temp files etc. - sound is now back to normal. No real clue what could have triggered this odd behavior of selected sounds being super silent, sorry.
  7. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Glad I am by now not alone in missing this line hah ^^`
  8. Ban character selling/sharing

    While I can't say that I totally love grinding, I like that things are slow - it gives you something to do and look forward to, so I just don't mind it and i mix it in between other things I do. All the insta-reward games out there (WoW, FFXIV, etc.) you return only to play the new content for 2-3 days or 1-2 weeks if its a entirely new expansion and then you drop the sub again cause done and bored. Wurm does not play like this, we get no major expansions so if we were to gain everything within say 1-2 months and people left cause everything is done... no expansion in the future to spike the population as other games do. That being said, there is only 2 games on my long list of MMOs that I played consistently for more than 5+ years and that was EverQuest and now Wurm. Maybe i'm a weird minority, idk... it's also why I can not play on a WU Server, when I tried it... well why bother right? Plop GM status on... get stuff done... bored... To add to the actual topic, that's why I never would buy a character. However, I do not mind if other people do, probably because I do not work in trades where I can see why people would prefer old accounts to wittle away and it is a valid point. On the other hand, it opens up a new avenue too... say someone starts new, wants their "own" character and not a skilled one, well they can still mildy p2w it a bit by buying high end tools and stuff of the crowded market. As things are there is a way for everyone to play Wurm Online as they want and then there is WU on top of that. Limiting the options available seems more of a "either everyone plays the game as I want them to play it or bawwww". I don't think either action taken in this will make Wurm significantly worse or better in general, not to a noticeable degree for the usual player anyhow. If anything, removing character sales has only one negative aspect - that it was allowed for so long and then is "taken away", taking things and options away from people never went well. So unless there is a new law or alike that would require CodeClub to forbid character sales, I see no reason to do so. If the Staff thinks it would improve the game and risk the move, I would not tell them not to either though. One Staff member said once that they would take any step to improve the game, even if it risks to annoy the current player base (see fountain pans and so on) and that is what I can get behind, gota believe in those guys at the helm.
  9. Major issue with rude people

    puh... not sure if rude.. has not happened to me yet, people being people I guess and some have made good points here as to why it is as it is. I always wave back or say hello if I do notice it.. sometimes I tend to play besides work so I can miss things. But while you point out the great community, sure I do witness people being helpfull and all - I have helped out people when I was in a position to in the past as well - but personally I do feel pretty lonely. The community is so small that its really hard to make acquaintances or friends even, I guess this mainly happens in PVP as people there seem to me way more tight knit (which is cool). On Freedom, me being on Xanadu I hardly witness anyone in lokal... for sure not while I was living in the south and now that I moved to the north its pretty empty too - but thats Xanadu. In every other MMO I played I was in a good guild, we had voice coms so people could hang out or even play other games together or just chat... but in Wurm it seems (to me) super hard to find a group, let alone a good one. The last alliance I was a part of was basically a dead chat. Trying to get involved into GL or Freedom chats here and there but yea... not quite the same, specially when I look back at EverQuest, Vanguard or WoW. So I guess I ended up being the involuntary hermit that only talks to animals and the mobs that run into my sword. Yet I do really love Wurm a lot that even as this situation is for me, I do enjoy the game... it's one of the few games I played for years+.
  10. Valrei International. 073

    So.... follower of Libila... considering you speak of spells I guess that also means turning into a Lib Priest mh... time to prepare a new alt. ^^
  11. Master Crafter Modifications

    +1 Already been said but... great idea, it's one of those things that make you facepalm and think "why did no one think of this earlier".
  12. Glass/Green Houses/Glass Blowing Skill

    And I am sure theres a few other threads that mention it.
  13. Wand of Priesting

    i'm not entriely against it, but imo the price should be higher and the usage restrictions harder as well so that people can not change their god on a whim - a month is nothing in wurm imo and this move should still be very well thought about. Maybe as more often a wand is used as more restrictions pop into place, as bad as losing 2,5 faith when you are sitting on the 100 so you can not instantly cast the top tier spells without some sermon work for the worst which may have a cooldown then, say 6 rl months later it drops down a level again until it eventually gets back to the first usage where it doesn't do anything bad to your character aside from costing money. Just a rough draft though... but people should not be able to spam it monthly imo. Webshop items are all good and fine as long as they are either cosmetic only, a QoL thing that does not even remotely touch the P2W area or crazy gamechangers.
  14. Papyrusmaking->Bookbinding

    +1 Ether knows his priesty things
  15. Donations For Advertisements

    While you have a point, I have to agree with what Iberis said. That aside, as I wrote elsewhere before - I think advertisement as of right now does not make much sense. The Team is working on some huge improvements like the UI and backend and once they have hit those milestones that we have a visible change of the game thats when I hope they would do the advertisement round, because then it would actually make sense to try to capture new people and appeal to them with a new UI and features (of which we can see small things already come into the game here and there nowdays). Sure do I love Wurm as it is right now, but other people may not or feel it's outdated and the first few minutes can make people stick or not and the UI does mix into that as well. Imho it's not the right time yet to advertise while the team has the big upgrades still cooking. Thanks for caring too.
  16. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    I did write you the new Info about Aincrad and Aincrad Harbor in those PMs we had *hint hint*. If you need that posted elsewhere, let me know.
  17. POLL - Please Vote

    Hmm, no... exactly one - you can't login more than one at the same time and even if... you can do everything from one single character in FFXIV, there is zero needs for alts. I do get your point as I guess you are playing at the "requirements" of priests, but I think this was discussed previously and imho it is up to everyone themself if they think they totally need a priest or second character to play the game or not... in the end this is a MMO, if you want to be self-sufficient and play the game alone hermit style then this is the players choice, not a faulty game design that needs fixing with cheaper subs. And for Wurm, if I had a second character I would want to play it at the same time as the other character I may have - Wurms pace does make this easily doable - specially with high ML on one or two characters. (I tend to play my main and 3 priests and tbh, even if I could make a second character on a single account that would be paid I doubt we would be able to have both online at the same time - as other MMOs do not allow for that either and I think that would just dilute the sub itself... two chars for the price of one and both being online at the same time... yea not happening.) I could see an account management system where you can manage all your characters and payments from one account and then you pay for "online slots" - like you have 4 characters, you buy 6 months of premium time and then you can select which of the characters gets how many months premium to allow for easier management or whatever makes sense. Though that would probably not contribute to increasing Wurms playerbase, so I would consider that wasted dev time at the moment. (I did spin this idea a bit further but realized how it just becomes more dumb/useless right now so eh... ) Anyhow, that was a bit off topic. In terms on increasing the playerbase lowering the sub price is imho only a bandaid at best and we can not tell if this bandaid would even stop the bleeding or make it worse. The devs are currently working on so many backend improvements, not to mention the new UI - when those things are done and there is a visible major version shift happening - THAT is when I hope they hit the marketing drums and spread the news of the changes which would have a huge impact on the gaming experience and then we can only sit back and see what happens. Personally I don't mind Wurm being niché - but I do certainly want it to be stable within that niché and the company to do well. (and for the record, I do buy prem for my 4 characters with real money via the shop ) I do appreciate you taking time to ponder things though, we all love this game and yes... there are worries and I wish the staff could take some of those worries of our shoulders. Us being able to see sub numbers dwindling with (apparently) little being done to fight it can be nervewrecking at times. However, I have hope, I trust those guys and I hope for what I said above to be working out if that is their plan. Maybe... if it is not asked to much we could get an update on this when the dev team has calmed down from the recent bad news (I am still shaken and I was not that close to her at all) - I am sure that changed things quite a bit, seeing as it was last done in May 2017: And sorry for the derail... I just think this all meshes together. ._.
  18. POLL - Please Vote

    No offense but, seems like a not well thought out way to fast sprung up thing to vote on with way to little options. For one, the current sub price is compared to other MMOs more than fine, 8EUR a month for Wurm where I paid 15 EUR a month for FFXIV for example. Then there is MMOs that have subs or shop pricing going by the local currency so it is afforadble for everyone no matter what country they life in, but for that to happen in Wurm every bit of RMT would have to be forbidden and strictly enforced (not sure how many people would quit over this alone then) to keep it "fair" and plug possible abuse. For me to even have a remote opinion about this I would need to see data of how many people actually do pay their sub with ingame money, how many of those are actualy newbies who struggle to meet the silver requirement for the sub and how many people are sales whales making 100's of silvers a month ingame just by selling stuff or whatever. (and honestly, I doubt we would ever see that data) That being said, I just can't have a opinion about this nor do I think it is our place to vote on it. Throwing up the suggestion to the devs and people in charge who also have the data to make a decision is all we can do I think, but voting... no... why even... of course everyone would love to pay less, but if it makes sense in the end depends on so much data we don't know and can't / won't see or can only speculate about that it won't be of any use.
  19. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    I don't know what to say, so I will just say thanks for everything.
  20. Feature Creeping Ad Nauseam

    That entirely depends on the person who is playing though, how much time that person invest into the game etc. etc. If you know what you do and get everything set up properly it can take 1-2 weeks for "normal" skills to hit 90 (I got some skills to 90 by just doing nothing else for an entire week and burning sleep bonus / affinity food etc. - to most that may be boring and I define fun differently too, yet it is possible). Then you have the skills that have lower gains like Weaponsmithing, which basically just take more time but nothing else changes. (WS 1-90 took me about 1-2 months RL time and I am sure I didn't burn as hard as I could have, had I thrown more sleep powder at it but thats where we dip into the pay to win lands I feel?) And another type imo are the tedious ones, like Meditation (not hard, but takes time to see a real reward) or Metalurgy / Alchemy (lots of moving items and clicking and so on, not as simple as imping a bunch of things) - carpal tunnel killers. Body stats are the worst to "grind" for me, I don't even set my mind onto grinding one of those, they just tickle in as I play really. There is some ways to have nice gains in Mind logic or Body strength and so on and I do use affinity foods for some when I do tasks that give points there but yea... not gona go crazy on those. That being said, in the end it's hard when you make a MMO to cater to every type of player. (in a single player game no one cares, but in a MMO with a whiff of competition... yea mhhh) Make skill gains to easy / fast and the "hardcores" will steamroll your content and flood the markets and eventually quit in due time again to move on like a locust swarm. Make the game to hard / grindy and the "casuals" who do not have the time or patience will slowly burn out and wittle away. Finding a middle ground that works for everyone is really tough job here. Also, when looking at other MMOs there is very few like Wurm, maybe EVE? Idk really, the run of the mill MMO resets every 1-2 years with a expansion, your entire gear and skill grind becomes obsolete and everyone gets a chance to start from scratch... we don't have that here. One wrong decision and the entire game can fall apart really quick. Like skill decay to force higher people to keep their skills polished? Sure, no one would be able to take a longer break from the game anymore and then when you would feel like returning after half a year you see all the hours you poured into getting a skill to 90 being reduced to 70 or whatever.. yea no, rather play a different game then - player lost entirely. Taking things away from people never worked great. The best option here would still be to prohibit character sales, but as often said people would find ways. For this one issue I do not see any good solutions that everyone and truely everyone would be happy with. The question is what will it be in the end, move forward and change things or change nothing... either of those ways could spell disaster and no one knows it for sure until we reach the end of that way. It's not all that easy as some people make it out to be, it's one thing to demand this or that to change but if you miss one small part of the whole picture it may as well just be the final nail in the coffin. For now it's the easiest for devs to "polish" the game, improve the visuals and other things while being super careful to not make the current playerbase angry with nerfs to existing mechanics.
  21. Bought some silver coins here, quickly done and nice.
  22. Patch Notes 01/NOV/18

    +1 Witch's Hat is way to lovely to wittle away by combat, hated when a wolf jumped my priest and made some scratches in the hat.