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  1. COD to kortanna Leather knife, iron 90QL Woa84, Coc56 3 Silver
  2. I've had this bug before.. thought i lost entire piles of dirt because of that.
  3. I'll buy 1. COD to Kortanna
  4. dangit.. i tried.. 5.5s for the small anvil!
  5. I so would.. but I'm trying to cut back on global spending you know... hehe
  6. +1. But I have to agree I don't want to see these at utmost. If we want utmost we would still have to find the vein of only that specific ore. However I would love to see this idea come to fruition.
  7. +1 but seeing as we don't sit down while in wagons/carts.. I also don't want to see the person I'm hauling with me with their head poking out the top..
  8. oh i seen clay inland.. sure it wasn't too far from the water but i was like.. almost 40 tiles from the water and the clay was going up the mountain side.. and was easily 50 tiles wide closer to the water.. was a sight to behold.. but also a bit sad as that was a HUGE track of land that is otherwise useless.
  9. Just as the title says. I'm looking to buy 40s. Send tell to Kortanna in game or msg here. Edit: I found a buyer, transaction went through wonderfully. Thank you!!
  10. Would you be willing to sell to someone that does not have verified paypal. But good reputation? I don't use banks just my cards attached to paypal.
  11. Fast service, and friendly. Got my items quick and painless. Would recommend and would def. buy from again.