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  1. Dark Empires Role Play

    Yay! I hope to see you all on the server
  2. Currently, I am using a custom map. Each kingdom has a different spawn and for instance on town is under the water. I don't want to have to rebuild a kingdom start and delete the old bugged stuff. My goal is to have everyone be in no kingdom and then the server is run on player made kingdoms where people spawn in 1 central point and venture out from there. How would I go about doing that?
  3. How can I set which kingdom someone is in?
  4. Serenity! I started playing and it's the server I chose, I've never had any issues, and I learned very quickly. The honor system and a good village goes a very long way and fresh blood is always welcome.
  5. I'm on a Mac as well, OSX, after this update I'm unable to launch. As soon as I see the loading screen, immediate crash. I've tried multiple tweaks in compatibility mode, updated my Java, etc, all the normal fixes, to no avail.
  6. I'm having the same exact issue, on Mac. I'm unable to play at all. ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== Unexpected crash while playing java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.vecmath.Vector3f.getZ()F at class.O.a(SourceFile:765) at at com.wurmonline.client.h.e(SourceFile:328) at at
  7. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to drop dirt, which would simulate soaking up the excess water and slush, which in turn removes the tile like plank flooring does, but removing it all together is stupid.
  8. It would be nice to integrate tracking into the game using a dog, which would increase the range in which you detected a scent trail, and doing this method would make the actual tracking proccess much quicker. The downfall of this is of course that the scent trail disappears quicker than a regular foot trail. The dog would be able to detect a scent path within about 10 tiles. How many separate paths the dog was able to find would pop up, you'd choose which scent trail you want the dog to follow, and then after your dog sniffs around, it would give you a compass direction saying which way the scent leads. After just a few hours, mabye 2-3, the scent trail should disappear, to simulate wind carrying the skin particles and etc which contain the scent away. A quick sceario which this would be used is as follows: 17:00: Someone breaks in and steals your horses 17:25: A random person walks by your house, but does not disturb anything. 18:33: You log on and notice your horses are gone so you get your dog. 18:36: You use your dog and sniff a few times around your house and horse pen, finding 2 trails. 18:37: You decide to follow Path 1 which was the person who stole your horses. 19:12: You finally reach the end of the scent, and find someone's house, and see your stolen horses. A piece of clothing recently worn by someone could also be used to track down them. For instance, if someone wore a cloth shirt within the past week, you give it to your dog to sniff, and then your dog can instantly detect if there's a trail for the person within the past few horus within 50 tiles. This is how dog tracking works in real life for things like prison imnates. They bring along a garment of the inmate and use bloodhounds to track them down through the woods and etc.
  9. Buoy

    Just limit it like signs, you don't see signs spammed everywhere you go. Plus, Wurm is heavily based on community, if people in an area see someone spamming bouys, they will tell them to stop, and destroy
  10. If you climb, you can't do it with heavy loads, or if you climb, you do it while you're moving, this would make it so whilst at a settlement, you have a more permanent solution if you were willing to put in the time and effort. There's a clear distinction between the two... EDIT: Also, when you have anchors in the side of a mountain like a spike, you can hang and regain your stamina if you are carrying a lot, just another point to show that there's a time and place for the ability to use ropes to climb, and non rope climbing.
  11. I was thinking, at times it can be very difficult to climb steep areas, and especially haul supplies up. When you don't have logs on a rocky cliff, or your lumber supply is low, it's a difficult survival at times. A simple way to fix this would be to implement a pull system. You'd anchor a rope with a pulley at the top where your settlement is, and lead the rope down below to a raft, box, net, or something similar. You'd load up your supplies down below, and pull it up at the top. This would work wonderfully with two people, and for especially heavy loads, you could use a horse or other powerful animal to pull the line. If you started to run out of stamina while pulling a heavy load, you should be able to rest by tying the line up onto a hook, just like when you anchor a boat and wrap the rope in a figure 8. An addition to the pulley system would not only be up and down item movement, but you could use it to pull supplies from across valleys, or dips in a mountain, provided you had a long enough rope and the gap wasn't super wide, of course. You could also use this concept and make rope climbing points. If you anchor a rope at the top of a mountain with a heavy spike, you can then rappel down, and hook in another spike, making a network of spikes allowing you to climb up and down a very steep surface, just like real life rock climbing. Anyway, these are the basics of my ideas, small bits and pieces of them could be polished to better fit the game. As always though, thanks for reading.
  12. Horn

    Simple, we should be able to make horns, it would be neat for signaling to hear a horn out in the distance, especially during PvP, or even trying to show someone where you are. If you and a friend start exploring in a forest, and it gets very foggy, start using the horn, walk towards the sound, and find your friend. There are many uses for this as you can imagine, this is just what I came up with immediately.
  13. Why? You can already attach a lock to a gate accidentally and lock yourself in/out of a place. I did that a while back whilst not paying attention. If you can do that, why not allow someone to smelt a key before a lock? I find random locks and keys on a fairly regular basis and it would be really stupid if I couldn't smelt down the parts because it wasn't in a certain order.