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  1. Farewell Wurm

    ROFL glad your gone.
  2. I Want Your Bitcoin

    Contact me in game or email.
  3. Woot, great update. Would have been nice to know whats in it or when it was coming but w.e.

  4. Wurm Blocks Mod For Minecraft

    Just work on this mod for a few more years and you could be past where wurm is lol. 10 years till release, and then after you do make some money, dont hire anyone else to help that way by the time your game comes to market ( Albeit nobody will know about it from no adverts) it will be graphically un-impressive and 8/10 players will run like hell because they thing they are playing a quake mod. I do love wurm, but...well nvm.
  5. Then what was up with the texture pack update yesterday? Obviously there time isn't completely filled with "optimizing and fixing the bugs". A comprehensive list of features that are either on the way, being worked on, or accepted to be in the game should be made so there is no question as to whats coming, and whats being worked on.
  6. Population Explosion

    According to some people in IRC, Rolf isn't ready for that many people, if he wanted to make this game have a higher population all he has to do is advertise. And I wouldn't count your chickens on the player count staying higher, it was 1700 one day and 1200 or less each day after. Although this is still an increase, it isn't as significant as it was the day of the Bashverse video post.
  7. Healshot's Wurm Online Stream ! Check It Out !

    Way to make me feel like a bum. I run about 4-7 hours daily, and work a full time job. I run the same hours and still support myself. It's not hard you just have to really love the game your playing,if you don't, it will feel like a chore. Also what is so expensive about playing Wurm for 6 hours a day? You can still work a full time job and play for that long.
  8. Healshot's Wurm Online Stream ! Check It Out !

    Way to make me feel like a bum. I run about 4-7 hours daily, and work a full time job.
  9. Something Wrong With Wurm?

    For having so many posts,and for as long as you have been around. I would have figured you would be smart enough to figure out that 532/6600 = 532 players online and a total of 6600 slots available across all servers.
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    Really like your bottom pic Coren, nice job.
  11. The Wunion - Wurms Finest News Source

    Absolutely am in love with your news reports. Only wish there were more of them!
  12. Interior Objects

    I'm surprised this post hasn't seen more replies. But more deco items would be great. They could even serve dual purposes. ( A dresser could hold clothing). On the other hand I'm more towards optimization and mechanics than objects to deco with,but it would still be very cool,especially since inside buildings as barren and there is not much point into making it very large.
  13. I would make a better tutorial, and also revamp the wiki so it's more "noob" friendly. Also there is a lot of outdated information. A bit of advertising would make this game explode. Look what happened after a single good YouTube video from bash verse did.
  14. Probable Upcoming Changes To Chaos

    Everyone of you CA guys needs to respect Rolf, and his decisions. He has made an amazing game and your 2 cents are worthless.
  15. Has Multistory Gone Too Far?

    Sorry for multiple post, but this subject is very irritating, this guy hit the nail on the head.