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  1. Costa Del Necrosis is a deed I do remember creating, but not the second one, Tho I also had been on Xanadu at the time, but it definitely has been created by new owner of the account then. The only deed I was with at the time on Xanadu was with Dyf and his friends, North Star if i recall it properly, might not. Really sad tho I havent been able to contact the guy I sold it to for years now trought forums.
  2. Hello, It has been very long time since I last played this game and I am slowly trying to get back into it. Back to topic - I would like to find whoever owns my first character - Necromancer, could be in any of servers by now but if anyone knows would be nice to know, as I would like to buy the account back if its possible or atleast know who owns him. Posting here as It is the last location know for me that the character could have ended up. Cheers, - Necromancer
  3. Want to sell ingame currency Currently in coffers: None, all sold <3 Price per 1silver coin is 1E If you want to buy 1gold coin it costs 100E You pay for cod of item aswell Prefer Paypal PM me if interested to buy some
  4. Account is Sold, Tyvm for super fast and awesome trade
  5. Selling woa99 ql70 pickaxe Located on Inde, can cod Willing to go for 4-5s Mail me on forums if interested, or pm ingame: counterfeit Images:
  6. or rather weak mobs around newbie spawn and the further away the harder they get About servers, aren't they currently just too many? Like if someone would take their time for example to sail to Cele, that isn't populated that much, you could easily get from 1-50fs in few days, except lately community is organising hunts, and on any other low populated server there could be something still to hunt.
  7. edit: nvm misread, shouldn't write posts at night ^^
  8. I would do this on steam but, Problem with steam what i have got to is: If someone adverts this game on steam to just give it a try, you get instantly banned. Steam gets no money is reason, as this game could totaly break steam store if itd be on it.
  9. If anyone's interested in buying this at current stage can pm me here or ingame( Necromancer, Stardriver ). Pm'd TheMerchant.