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  1. Supreme Cog

    Congrats Bratty, you have won the auction with a bid of 155s. I shall contact you in-game.
  2. Supreme Cog

    Start your year afresh with this supreme cog added to your fleet! We were all busy tending our knarrs, when all of a sudden our Cog started glowing in blue. This marvelous piece of marine engineering will bring you from A to B faster than any other ship* and has been crafted using only the finest local rose bushes. Due to the number of knarrs recently sharing its water with the cog, it is currently diseased. At the moment it is recovering to 90 QL in the enchanted waters of Lago de El Rancho. *) gale not included "[00:20:00] A sturdy, one-masted merchant ship with a flat bottom. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from rosewood. You must use a file to smooth out the "diseased oh cog" in order to improve it. Ql: 81.239914, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Rishy, has been etched in the stern." Starting bid: 75 s Increment (minimum): 5 s Buyout: 250 s Sniper Protection: 3 hours Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  3. Hi Radia, The server it was tested on is Independence, we haven't tried other servers yet. The date and time this video was recorded was yesterday (30 nov 2021, 5pm server time).
  4. Climbing multiple ladders (=floor openings) in succession can cause one to fall to the ground floor, occasionally breaking a bone or two. Reproducing the bug is very simple; take a tower consisting of floor openings and start climbing the ladders up. Moving (WASD) is not required. I have seemed it easy to reproduce by means of the default action (F) though it would surprise me if it does not occur with the traditional right click -> climb up, or by a manual keybind to another key. The procedure requires quite accurate timing, though with enough practice you will be able to suicide an alt in under a minute, see the video below: https://i.imgur.com/gg1qdin.mp4 Interestingly the corpse spawns on the third floor: Note: Damage does not occur on every tile for some reason, but is common enough to be slightly aggravating.
  5. Gemstones have been sold and delivered, cheers!
  6. After countless months of digging and mining, we have obtained quite the stack of shiny rocks. We are auctioning the lot of: (transcript): 161 >10 QL rubies 269 >10 QL emeralds 174 >10 QL opals 118 >10 QL sapphires 184 >10 QL diamonds 15 <10 QL rubies 39 <10 QL emeralds 41 <10 QL sapphires 26 <10 QL opals 19 <10 QL diamonds This boils down to: 49747 QL in >10 QL gems 694 QL in <10 QL gems All in one lot. Starting bid: 100 s Increment (minimum): 5 s Buyout: 150 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  7. Auction over (7 hours ago)! Thank you all for your continued patronage. This fantastic heap of sand, collected by the indeginous, diligent monks of the everhumid Lago the El Rancho, coming with an almost perfect particle size distribution, shall be sent to Brattygirlsback by the spirits responsible, at the cost of 20s.
  8. A great chance to construct a fantastic smelter, or some fantastic mortar if you so desire! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: n/a Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  9. 13X/11Y, middle of the lake: Archeon Plus a formal request to alter the name of the lake from "Lago El Rancho" to "Lago de El Rancho".
  10. Some more screenies: Hidden party inside Colossus Couple fireworks lit: Travelling to the Goblin: Knocking on the mine door: The last seconds in the life of the Goblin Leader: Thanks all for your help
  11. These ones please :) 80QL halberd (+CoC enchant) 80QL huge axe (+CoC enchant) 80QL large maul - 50c 80QL sickle - 50c 80QL butchering knife - 50c 41QL carving knife 78 CoC - 78c 97QL whetstone 70 CoC - 80c 18QL meditation rug 77 CoC - 77c, 1QL butchering knife 72 CoC - 82c, 1QL saw 78 CoC - 88c, 1QL rake 79 CoC - 89c, 1QL hatchet 76 CoC - 86c,
  12. Refuge (13X:10Y) I'm like, right next to Cyclone Looking at the official map dump, the lake is a bit off, but whatever
  13. @ Yarnevk That might be it. But every single animal has an average of 12 tiles to eat from. Logically speaking, grass should still spread faster than it is eaten per animal, since they can't possibly eat and pack and prevent grass from growing over twelve tiles per.. I could try to make a checkerboard of grass and steppe, but I think that won't solve anything, since it just doesn't seam to spread a single tile; since I already planted ~80 grass tiles on this 154 tiles sized animal pen, and if only one single grass would have spread in these four weeks, I wouldn't have posted this in the forum. @Metaldragon Independence (13x:11y) @ Protunia
  14. Well.. over the course of one month not a single grass tile has spread to an adjacent tile. Let me explain my situation: I have an 11x14 animal pen enclosed by an iron fence that holds about 8 horses, a bull and four champion deers, that used to be fully covered by grass. Once a grass tile turned into a packed dirt tile, it would usually become a grass tile again after several days. Nothing to worry about, since the grass would spread faster than the animals would pack it. Since I wanted to catch up with the farming and beverages skill a bit, I planted strawberrys and repeated this cycle five/six times. After that I got tired of farming again and planted some steppe in a cross-pattern (like planting all the black or white tiles on a checkerboard) to recover the dirt into grass once again. After 4-5 days, I noticed that not a single grass tile had spread: the ones that neighboured the grass outside the pen (which had an iron fence inbetween). IF a single grass tile would have spread, I would have noticed by either a new packed dirt tile or a new grass tile, which didn't appear in these 5-6 days. So that's when I submitted my first /support call. Nothing much came out of that one: I should wait some more and plant some more grass, since this was not a known bug. And since I didn't have that many animals in the pen, grass still should spread faster than being packed. To keep the animals fed, I planted some flowers now inside the pen instead of steppe (about 1/3rd of the whole pen in a rectangular shape), since I wasn't sure whether steppe did spread or not; and the community gave varying answers. After another 10-14 days, none of the grass tiles inside the pen had spread, neither the one adjacent to the iron fences. Most of the steppe was packed by now, so I kept cultivating those during the 5 days to keep room for new grass. That's when I made a second support call. Apparently the CA didn't fully understand the situation so it took some time to explain. Again, this was not a known bug and couldn't appear locally, since, everyone would suffer from it or no one at all. So I was suggested to post this in the forum. After some discussing, I had an Eureka moment. All the grass I planted inside the pen had flowers on them. Maybe that the flowers would prevent grass from being spread. So I ripped these flowers out of the grass and used them to plant even more grass tiles in rectangular shapes. And still, after a week or two, none of the grass tiles had spread in(to) the pen. My animals are fat but starving now Side notes: YES, I am aware that grass does not spread on packed dirt, or at least, not as fast as on normal dirt tiles. And yes, I cultivated all the packed dirt to prevent this! I have a second farm (6x6) with 8 horses that has the same issue. Not a single grass tile had spread over the course of a month, without replanting anything, but with cultivating after the second week.