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  1. Wowzers that's a harsh blow,and here i was thinking about returning to Wurm even after the horrible AH update,but without Waar Celebration just won't be the same.
  2. Has anything been fixed or did they just double down on this horrible AH update?
  3. If you don't have a coastal deed you are definetly screwed.Now you need animals with draft traits or your large cart is only going to move at 7 km/h....good luck getting bulk goods to your boat.
  4. Guess i'll go check out WU for now until this is fixed...
  5. I don't play for hours like some.I've been playing casually for years and it took me a long time just to get to 50AH so i could breed my own 5 spd horses.I even created a deed on xanadu just so i could gather critters and groom them in a huge fenced area just to get to 50AH.This update sucks,you nerfed AH and gave us asses in return.
  6. i'll take silver since i rarely ever use sleep bonus
  7. yep I keep getting the network error message.Can't login,wish i used my sleep bonus.
  8. birch bark makes for excellent kindling and birch trees can also be tapped for their sap....
  9. It really stiffles the enjoyment of bow hunting when arrows need repaired after every mob.After 3 mobs there already hitting 7 to 10 damage and start breaking.I suggest that arrows take less damage if they hit there intended target.
  10. hmmm i dunno if i buy that...see if i can find pictures of WO servers on opening day.
  11. I keep trying to find a server to play on while i am not playing WO,but all the servers i've been on all seem so bland looking.One tree type for the whole area really annoys me.One tree type yet no plants like lavender bushes or grape bushes like you see in Wurm Online. Is it just the tools that are used to make the maps? It drives me crazy while trying to play on a WU server.Why do they all seem to be like this?
  12. I no longer think it was a death pile seeing how i didn't find the usual items(tools,weapon,armor).Think it was either a boat or a locked chest that finally reach 100 damage.
  13. why are we deleting this post?
  14. Anyone? I'd be raging kind of hard if i died with this stuff on my corpse or i'd be making it back to my corpse asap.