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  1. So I came accross a couple of issues when rebuilding the database on Linux. 1. And the most annoying, is that the file format was set to windows only line formatting ... so when you executed the rebuild-dbs file, it just refused to run because of line formatting. Using an app called dos2unix i converted the line formatting, which solved this problem. 2. sqlite3.exe exist ... good job, but what about sqlite3 .... you know, for Linux/Unix types ... sigh -_-... so yea I downloaded a copy of that too. That solved all the database rebuild issues. See link for a download of the new rebuilt-dbs script [0] (with proper line formatting) and a copy of the sqlite3 executable for Linux ... if you don't trust me, just delete the sqlite3 executable, and snag a copy from here [1] that's all I did anyway, but I would be leery of adding executable's to my servers, so ... yea to each their own. [0] [1] ~Phreek
  2. If you guys are interested, come hang out on meh server.
  3. I will now be buying 4 more copies (wife and kids) ... sigh.
  4. YAY! I will be setting it up tonight. Thanks for all y'alls hard work. =D
  5. So Thursday then .... And thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  6. Same, any updates Dev's? Think we can get a beta release by Friday?
  7. WU Server - 24/,7 Dedicated hosted in US Eastern on its own server, this isn't one of those overpopulated virtual servers where they cram a billion people on one server and you pay by the slot. 1.5 skills and timer. Freedom Isle, Will likely merge with some friends servers once they go live so you can sail around.... 21.1 BC on start, so you can actually ride a horse from day one. Free Deeds for now, no upkeep... dunno if it will stay that way or what yet. PVP, RP welcome, Server reboots every morning at 0255 US Eastern. Already have a solid player base. Check us out, at . ~Phreek
  8. I like this idea, or a separate branch.
  9. Awesome dude, thank you for the update. If you decide to go beta route and need testers ... just ping me.
  10. Hey ErikN, Saroman, any chance we can get like a weekly update on the Linux Client progress?
  11. cmon cmon cmon cmon ,,,,, gimme the WU on Linux!