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  1. found one, can close this.
  2. Just looking for 1 charge, PM here or in-game, same name.
  3. i'll be there when work allows it, doing anything that's needed at the current time
  4. i have the "Destroy a structure by catapulting it" personal goal, i just made myself a little 1 tile wooden shack, and catapulted it all down, and the goal didn't complete.
  5. i haven't tried with jam or syrup (though i assume its works still) but both cheese and egg sandwiches still have the same recipes as before
  6. +1, though maybe increased decay rate inside of corpses or after left on the ground long enough? i can see tons of 80ql troll clubs being left from kills sitting there forever already
  7. i've noticed recently with misclicks, when you click add to crafting window on the new racks, the open option changes to close and theres nothing you can do but relog to fix it. its not actually open so close does nothing and doesn't get rid of the option
  8. nothing major, just: [17:52:49] You see an old Orange tree. The orangess will soon be ripe.
  9. been a while since i've been able to make it one but i'll attempt to make it on zivirt. can do well, quite a few things. whatever is needed
  10. +1 as long as the model looks exactly like the prototype
  11. +1, this would make me unreasonably happy. as it is now, i have to have a silly amount of planters just sitting on the ground causing too much clutter.
  12. i noticed the other day trellis' have the same issue
  13. alright, so i managed it by switching up the cooking oil from olive to hazel, but the recipe just says cooking oil. seems like there could still be some kind of bug because i've used olive oil with other recipes calling for just cooking oil
  14. yeah i tried before and after relogging and it didn't come up. even now i just checked in a cauldron and its giving me the message for no known recipe. i'll try again in the morning and see if maybe something was messed up