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  1. Build a door on the lower level, inside the tower build 2 interior walls to block off the door. You can lock pick the door, but your trapped anyway by walls inside the tower. Another options, make the tower 3x3. Towers usually are broader than the walk ways which connect them (looking at medieval castles in general).
  2. Without reading the entire stack trace. After updating wurm, run "patcher.bat" again to repatch the server jar. Failing to do this causes the server to crash during start up.
  3. I guess you are running into the same bug as I did. Symptoms: - you try to make a deed which does not overlap with the starter deed - your deed is in your own kingdom - you are in a kingdom (check under character "C', left bottom, right click, some menu there has the info in which kingdom you are) - you get the messge "some settlement requires you to be an ally or citizen blah blah" - epic is OFF for your server If thats true, you have 3 options: - turn epic on, start server, make deed, stop server, turn epic off - give yourself GM powers, make deed, strip GM powers - make a deed at least 150 tiles from your starter town (requires building a guard tower probably, LOT of work) Real solution would be to ask Rolf to fix it (good luck, stalk him on IRC or DDOS WO to get his attention)
  4. Switching the server to "Epic" mode solved the problem in my case (I was in Kingdom area of influence, but indeed within 150 of the starter town)
  5. Allow us to use Corn on a Fruit Press to make oil. Its more difficult than pressing olive oil. Rename Olive oil => Oil. Why? Currently only olives provide oil, requiring olive trees and them being in season which is not that hard to miss. The oil is the only option to make a compass and to keep lamps off deed lit using a templar. Would be very practical to have another source of oil. Why corn? Its already in the game and a real life source for oil. But thats unfair for the people who made olive oil forest! Thats why its more difficult, which it also is in real life actually (olive oil is invented before 0 BC, corn oil 1890(?))
  6. For the record, also happened in WU with butchering. The first tick was +1 followed by -1 in the same 'tick'. Afterwards it worked normally. Haven't used archery yet.
  7. Short: Epic needs to be "ticked" in order to allow planting of a deed in the Adventure map, seeing all the documentation that is a bug. Long story: Brand new shiny validated wurm install from steam Untick Epic setting, start server Login, choose JK kingdom Walk N out of gate for 40 tiles Right click deed stake, found settlement <time> You cannot found the settlement here: <time> Some settlement nearby requires <me> to be a citizen or ally (yes this in JK territory, not near water, no overal vilage, etc, etc) Log out, stop server, tick Epic "on", start server, login same character, same tile Right click deed stake, found settlement <the expected settlement form>
  8. For a combine on the stack (without selecting another item firtst) => +1 Minor thing, saves a bit on the wrists.
  9. Maybe not related, but any Wurm client (WO&WU) on my Laptop (crappy intel chip) starts flickering after about 0.5 second in game. If I move around it becomes quite intereseting, to say the least. Unplayable. Minimizing, count till 5 and maximizing the window resolves it.
  10. Plans => Yes In the near foreseeable future => Soon (tm Rolf) Or from people around for years, it can take years of Rolf might decide someday to build it and you get it. No way of knowing, sitting was requested for years and added overnight because ??. Putting things on the table is on the same list.
  11. I have a server which I power down between play sessions, but I sometimes want to fast forward time so trees grow, animals age & move & spawn, junk decays, crops grow, new seasons start, etc, etc, etc. I could use a lot of mods to do everything separatly, but what I really want: SERVER > Fast Forward 1 Real Life Week .. Server goes crazy for 2 real hours < Server fast forwarded This could be at server startup using a config setting, nobody will be logged in during this time. Bonus points if the server shuts down afterwards.
  12. Anyone recently used the trial by combat rule in the UK? I remember we also have a "a person should walk with a red flag in front of the car" rule. So that argument is kinda void... But on topic, it would add a nice medieval touch to the game. The danger is that people with high FS and good gear can do whatever they want.
  13. -1, practical balance issues. A wall is a wall for protection, PVP longhouses, spamming houses, etc, etc. Just think of an arched wall as a normal wall where you saw some planks out. Be glad it doesn't take longer because of the extra sawing
  14. Is the quickbar extended by default for NEW users? (fresh install, etc, etc) If not, please add to the bug list. New people really don't know they can click it to expand
  15. Dredging rock, yes IF AND ONLY IF: - max depth of say 20 dirt - mortar works at those depths (so you can undo it) Dirt walls, -1. Current 300 is already incredibly steep and bending the Wogic. Fine as it is, if you need more plan creatively (or play Minecraft)