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  1. An NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, whose drivers are definitely up to date because I had to do this with another game a few months ago, and they've not released an update for them since 2008.
  2. Downloaded and installed the client, but it complained that it was missing msvcp100.dll, OpenCL.dll and msvcr100.dll. Once I found and downloaded all three, I was then confronted with another error message: "The procedure entry point_invalid_parameter_noinfo_noreturn could not be located in MSVCR100.dll." Any ideas?
  3. Finally, a constructive suggestion!
  4. This is Wurm. Nothing should be too complicated for us! Seriously, though, I don't see how this would complicate things for the player; just think of it as a point-buy system. I didn't use the rake at all until about a week after I started playing, and if I hadn't been kindly offered the use of a small house and garden by Sugar's Newcomer Academy I probably wouldn't have used it until much later; you can't farm crops until you can stake a claim somewhere, and unclaimed land takes some finding on some of the older servers. If I'd had the choice, I might also have chosen a medium axe instead of having to mess around grinding two different skill-sets by cutting down trees with a sword and then chopping them into logs with a hatchet. You can butcher corpses with a carving knife? I think you missed the part where I suggested completely doing away with non-improvable starter equipment.
  5. Yunia's thread on optional starter packs and the ensuing discussion set me to thinking about a couple of things. 1) The current starter equipment is a pretty good selection for a generalist, everyone's got a different play-style and different in-game goals, and some items may not be used much if at all in the first couple of in-game weeks. 2) It's currently really, really hard to get rid of middling-quality tools and other items because the absolute beginners who might have some use for them don't have any money; by the time you get your hands on any coin (or decide to go premium) you've probably skilled up past the point where a 8-12ql mallet or pickaxe is any good to you, even at a handful of iron. So, why not solve both these problems by letting newcomers select their starting equipment from Wurm's economy? The way I would go about doing this is as follows. On completing the tutorial, every player receives a non-transferable voucher for... well, whatever the current starter equipment would cost on the open market I guess; three to five copper, I think? When purchased with a voucher, this equipment cannot then be sold or traded to another player; the in-game description could mention something about it having the owner's name carved deeply into it or painted on with tar or something. Improving it by a lot, ie at least fifteen levels or so, would be the only way to remove this restriction.
  6. Does that also prevent them from being dragged?
  7. Well, why not split the difference and allow quivers to be equipped on a toolbelt, taking up one of the slots?
  8. Large birchwood cart, locked, last seen outside the public iron mine in Tap Dance. If found, please PM me; there's nothing much of value in it, mostly raw materials and a barrel of water, but you can keep what there is as long as I can have the cart itself back. UPDATE: Resolved. Thanks to Firall for showing me where it was.
  9. Are you still recruiting? I've been over there a couple of times but never seem to be online at the same time as anyone with the authority to grant me citizenship.
  10. Top of the client changelog today: That might help somewhat. I've been having similar issues from the day I installed the client, which is probably inevitable with a PC as old as mine, but the new version turned them up to eleven.