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  1. Close please

    Smooth transaction! Topic can be closed. Good luck to the new owner!
  2. Close please

    Congrats Supra! I will contact you after my work day for payment details.
  3. Close please

    a guy outbidding himself ... mmm I dont get it, anyways if the first bidder seems not legit, then the 2nd one will count!
  4. Close please

    Less then 24hrs to get your hands on this marvelous toon! If you bid last handed, dont forget that there is a 4hr sniper protection.
  5. Close please

    Reserve met! Daily bump for this awesome priest. Special shoutout to @Velintarfor providing me with favor at very nice prices over the past few years. Thank you!
  6. Close please

    Currently on South Deli. Comes with a sailing boat, compass, statuette (and some more basic things).
  7. Close please

    And a bump for a fine priest!
  8. Close please

    You are bidding on one of the high end Vynora priests. This toon pops out 95+ casts on very regular base, this can be verified by all the happy players that this toon has served before. Toon name: Kniva Meditation: Rock (Path of Love) Premium: [08:36:01] You have premium time until 18 Aug 2017 18:43:54 GMT Starting Bid: 300E Increment: 25E Reserve: 400E Buyout: none Sniper Protection: 4 hours Happy bidding! In case of any questions, feel free to ask!
  9. Topic shows what I need, payment in euros, we can talk about the price. Send me a pm on the forums or catch me ingame as Yurik.
  10. Plz Close

  11. I'll take it as its a fair price, CoD to Yurik pls
  12. Sold

    I'll take em, CoD to Yurik pls
  13. Exquisite shoulder pad set (if still available) - CoD to Yurik
  14. The Pandas wish you a fortunate, healthy and great 2017!
  15. Come join the Pandas. Join the Christmas spirit and if you are being good, you can sit on Santas lap!!!