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  1. The new arched walls do not count as completed walls for building roof tiles when on the south or west of the planned tile.
  2. Gonna keep shamelessly bumping this.
  3. For Great Justice
  4. -shameless nudge-
  5. I know its a bit much for this suggestion but while we discuss boats I figured I'd add the idea I was batting around at work today. Boat specialization: Give each boat a size category and make it either cargo or passenger focused. Makes each boat unique and gives a reason to try and make/use one of the larger more complex ships. *The barge is the name I decided to use to refer to the ship we discussed in this thread **These values are obviously up for discussion but give a good outline of the point I'm trying to make.
  6. Been working on a boat tunnel and I just thought about this kind of idea as well. A type of small cargo boat needs to exist, but to fill its role some concessions should be made. Make it very similar to a small sailing boat in terms of materials and model size. Give it the same cargo space as the large cart. Max the speed out at ~20km/h; its a cargo hauler not a speed boat. Limit it to only being able to have 1 passengers + captain; specialize it for cargo and leave people transport to the small sailing boats.
  7. I had this same type of crash. My crash seemed to be caused by having a horse nearby in a mine. Produced 3 distinct connection messages: Connection aborted by host Unable to connect to new server Connection timed out
  8. Add a "Keep Lit" toggle to swap between 'Day/Night' and 'Always On' lamp styles to match above and below ground behaviors..
  9. Well that explains where the troll that attacked our Fo Priestess came from >_> Actually would make sense if they could magically walk through locked doors and gates seeing as there was no where else the bloody thing could have come from. Seriously Rolf, why do you feel the need to do this stupid stuff? Its undesired and nothing more than a nuisance just like them bashing walls. Remove this crap,
  10. I believe this is actually intended, It just converts the outer wall to an inner wall.
  11. Adding tiles seemed to work flawlessly. Removing tiles however caused a few issues. First, not sure which walls need to be gone to "successfully" remove a tile but removing a freshly planned tile left ghost frames the first time. I checked to see if I could re-add a tile on the same spot and I was able to. When I removed the tile the second time it correctly removed the frames but also stripped all the finished outer walls from the building. (Just a note, inner walls were uneffected)
  12. I can confirm this. Also the materials required on examine are bugged. [16:07:46] You lay the foundation to the crude wooden fence gate. [16:07:50] You see an unfinished crude wooden fence gate. It needs 3 shafts. [16:10:10] You continue to build a crude wooden fence gate. [16:10:24] You continue to build a crude wooden fence gate. [16:10:27] You see an unfinished crude wooden fence gate. It needs 1 planks. [16:11:01] The crude wooden fence gate is finished now. It used the 2 planks and 2 shafts I expected it to, just displays incorrectly.
  13. While useful, since Rolf is taking the time to code this why not add in a mechanic to do it automatically. Saves a lot of headache and can be merged into the epic code.
  14. Oh... I wasn't sure how the mechanics of this worked. If it requires replanting a deed then good lord there's gonna be a lot of people not converting to a PMK. I think it should be based off of the alliance that the capitol deed is in. Joining the alliance or being in it at the beginning should convert to that PMK. Edit: Also not sure if theres a way to boot a settlement from an alliance cause I've never bothered to look, but if not that should be available as well. Along the same lines removal from a PMK should also clear any connections to the alliance if they exist.
  15. This 1000x over. I never wanted missions or the faster skillgain, I just want a reason and the ability to make PvP happen again. This will allow that to happen.