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  1. I have found another needle in the mean time. Sorry, I'll have to cancel.
  2. The needle sounds nice. 70QL needle 78coc for 1s this one
  3. Wtb needle 50+ ql

    I'll buy it in a day if I get no better offers.
  4. Looking for work near Essert (Or Mad Mountain)

    Bump, ask for a specific stat if interested. My farming is 25 now, and cloth tailoring 22.
  5. Wtb needle 50+ ql

    Wtb any needle 50+ ql (can be 50) with CoC on it. Willing to negotiate with other enchantments. Wanting 50+ CoC and whatever for WoA. Can be rare or otherwise. PM me or message me on Wurm.
  6. Venerable Red Dragon-Exodus View of the dragon
  7. Want a HotS tower for free?

    CoD Kersakof
  8. Wanting to do 1k actions per 1s or 1k of things like bricks etc. for 2s. You show me the place you want me to dig, woodcut, mine, what ever. Just don't expect it to be high quality Mining: 35 Digging: 40 Carpentry: 40 Wood Cutting: dunno off the top of my head (probably around 25) Stone cutting: like 10 or so
  9. WTB High LT Large Maul (other enchants maybe)

    Probably. But I was silly and already bought the maul xD
  10. I am looking for high life transfer high quality maul. 80-90 QL with 80-90 lifesteal. I'd like Nimbleness, Mind Steal, or CoC on it if possible.
  11. WTS Medium Maul includes enchants

    You can ignore the life transfer (since it's relatively useless at 24.) Just give me an offer on the other two enchants.
  12. close pls ;)

    I have over a year's worth of time and some really good equip, but I'm still do a noob. I was inactive for a year so I'm still under 3 months
  13. WTB Huge axe 80+ql (exodus)

    Well hopefully he will sell it to me. Eh.