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  1. Dion Almada (59F) moved about 15 tiles over and made a massive land grab! We now meet the qualifications for a town (upkeep is now 4.40/month without guard)
  2. #4 resident here. We've been kicking around ideas for the past week or so. We'll contact this thread ASAP when we come up with something interesting we can all agree on.
  3. Plenty of room for you guys! I'll try to contact you via game, if these are your character names. If not, just PM me and we'll chat.
  4. Tired of the rat race on the main continent? Come seek out the prospering port of Dion Almada, the most southeastern point on the map! The village is located on Lemontree Island (name pending), which is quite the hike, but it's worth it. Dion Almada is located in the forested hills, on the southeast corner of Lemontree Island (name pending), a great potential trade spot for the future continent opening up in the future. There are spots of tar inland, and clay is available northeast on the coast. We also have friendly neighbors in Project Mortormis and Port Drake who share their mines, and are willing work together with, to help with prosperity in the region. Overall, it's a quiet, peaceful region with lots of potential for growth! The deed is currently 15x15, with plenty of room for a homestead, but I will expand to 20x20 fairly soon if we get settlers moving in. The village rules are as follows: 1.) Don't be a jagoff 2.) Help your friends and your neighbors 3.) Try to replant trees whenever possible Hit me up on Pristine as Sonnenschein or reply here if you're interested in a beautiful island getaway! Here's some nice, brochure photos of the town! />
  5. Here's a couple of spots on the southeastern-most island: Dion Almada (shameless plug for my town: I need villagers!): 47x49y Port Drake: 48.5x 47y Project Mortormis: 49x 47y Clay deposit at southeastern edge of mountain range Forest covers the middle of the island