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  1. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    EDIT: nevermind, this error is for rangefinder mod. Sorry
  2. bell tower and guard tower

    Great idea! +1
  3. Trade chat channel

    Yes! We definitely need trade chats separate for each server and also a global trade chat! +1
  4. Xanadu needs sailing speed modifier!

    Not only Xanadu, all servers need that.
  5. Seeing a mine from outside when it's foggy, you see the objects/animals inside of them like they were affected by the fog. You get inside and they are not affected by fog anymore, tho water should still be affected but it's not.
  6. Boat, Horses speed increase

    Huge +1 for speeding up boats!
  7. Snow removal from tiles

    Would you be giving this feedback if I didn't mention that? I don't think so... Also, that was not an order, that was a request, hence the two "please", I'm not a dictator for asking that from prople.
  8. Snow removal from tiles

    Wow Impressive feedback! Please, if you're not going to help with honest and serious feedback, please, don't waste your time posting here. Thank you, now this is an honest and serious feedback.
  9. Snow removal from tiles

    What if it was like 3/4 km/h? Winter season is very short, shouldn`t be a problem if it affected speed a little.
  10. Would be nice if we had the ability to remove snow from tiles with a shovel. I think winter should affect us negatively, not just a visual season. Walking on snowy tiles should affect speed very little, like 1/1.5 km/h Removing the snow would make your speed back to normal. Should take 5/10 sec to remove snow with a shovel, skill has no effect over it. Tile will become snowy again after a certain period of time. EDIT: maybe the part about snow slowing you down is bit too much. I'm not a fan of winter myself. But what if it was possible to change snow texture to the normal one with a shovel, even if it worked only on roads, that would be cool tho. What do you guys think?
  11. Xanadu Map

    Few corrections.
  12. Xanadu Map

    Shanti between Q&R 25, by the shoreline
  13. Xanadu Twitter?

    wow, over 80 deeds already, I'm starting to fell a bit worried. I have to wait 4 hours to try Xana, hope it's as big as everyone says.