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  1. Dat beautiful whetstone tho Whestone, Stone - 90.37ql - 92 Circle of Cunning - 1.47s - Added (1/16/2015) CoD Jericho, I left mine in the forge because my mouse is dumb and now its all horrible
  2. => QL 91.50 ; N78 L78 C73 M59 => 3.90 silver To Jericho if its still there!
  3. 10s for 10Euro. I am paypal verified and have purchased gold before and I have returned Since I've been gone a while please have a rep I can trust!
  4. Small Anvil, Iron (91.1ql, CoC 74, WoA 88) = 4s @ Jericho
  5. Carving Knife, Iron (78.17ql, CoC 71, WoA 94) = 4s To jericho.
  6. Shovel, Steel (84.67ql, CoC 66, WoA 78) = 3s @ Jericho
  7. Spindle, Oak (90.24ql, CoC 68, WoA 75) = 3s Stone Chisel, Iron (78.08ql, CoC 81) = 1.61s Pickaxe, Steel (2.57ql, CoC 85) = 3s CoD to Jericho, independence
  8. What would it cost for a 80 plus coc water? Won an auction for one but the guys dropped off the face of the earth lol. If you can do it just cod it over with your price. Pm me lemme know
  9. He got my ship to me very quickly and didn't accept the extra money i threw at him! An honest and hardworking shipbuilder. Thank you for my beautiful ship. + respect, buy from this guy!
  10. Gonna send you the bsb key tonight! Somehow i keep forgetting lol