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  1. The first thing i can think of is that there was no kingdom influence, placing a deeds started the influence a round it, i could be wrong though.
  2. Coud it be those pesky fog spiders again?????
  3. Also Check in other database files wurmlogin.db in the Server Table that the Server ID's are in there correctly, While your there check all the other information is correct to. i have found it helps that using the Intraserverpassword on both servers.
  4. Connecting server maps can be very finicky Setting have to be exact, all little mistake can cause headaches. Like server ID's not updating in database and show different on UI. Post images of each server setup including connected Tab,
  5. Only coarse of action that i know of is have a GM character that is in your Kingdom spawn the guard tower.
  6. Yes there is, BUT, unless you can VPN between them it is unsecure.
  7. there is not an easy way. i have mentioned the way to go about in the past when the subject was brought up.
  8. Yes, in a big way. Having a login server that only does logging in and other related stuff, I have had first hand experience running a cluster with 50+ players. It got to a point when the login server would start to slow down when a significant amount players would be doing stuff on that server, which also had a derimental effect on other servers on the cluster. Why do you think no one is allowed to play on the WO Golden Valley.
  9. Log in server needs to be beefy, otherwise its not going to cope with the joined cluster servers.
  10. Are the RMI ports open between the two IP addresses?
  11. I beleive it is possible to change the name of a item due it having an unique item ID, database edit is needed. But for a item type, ie all banners from a kingdom, i am not sure about.
  12. Need to know some information on your setup? I see the IP adress are not LAN ones, Are you using a Server Hoster or your own home internet?
  13. You have Craft more things mod??? This might be causing the issue...
  14. Best way I have seen so far is too restrict data that the server sends to the client. Currently server sends everything that's need to view. Then the client sorts out what it should display and then displays it. That why these cheaty mod are able to work.
  15. looks like this is for WO. This forum section is for WU. MOSTLY likely cAused by a flakey connection bewteen you and sevrer.
  16. I do remember a while back the devs made an announcement that a server config option got turned on by mistake. This option cached characters items that they had on them and if they dropped them and soon after the server restarted the items would be back in there backpack and also on the ground too. Now i cant remember what the option was or where in announcement was posted.
  17. I am not sure if any one has decoded the actual map positions from the zone information that is in the log files. May be one of the Middle can look into the polling code to see how it handled.
  18. Most likely caused by damged being calculated for decay on large quanties of items let on the ground, rocks, logs, and other abandoned skilling materials.
  19. The client is a bit dumb, it will only display what it is told to display. What i did on the servers i help set up is add the extra blue sea each side to the .png before it was packed in the .jar. The serverpacks mod was the first mod to send custome packs that the server would send to the client, it was the only way to get the client to display the custom map of a server for any client that connected that used the cliemt mod. The servermap mod is the new iteration "I Think" it creates a map .jar everytime the server start up with all the terraforming done so far. From what i have noticed having these two mods running on the server my cause a confict between them.
  20. Are you using the default profile for you character or one specific for it? I mean the drop down box under toon selection is default or your characters name? From what i can remember from my experience is that it sometimes bugs out and although it says you are using a custom profile the default one is being used. Will have to wait till i get home to see where in what file needs to be looked at.
  21. In the past the only way to get around this error is for the server to be restarted. And from What i can remember is caused by a bad connection to the server/steam.
  22. is it not supposed to be typed in the Console, not chat window???