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  1. Sold

    Sold please close
  2. Wanting to sell 110 silver for 100e
  3. Price Check

    frank thats because your not taking in the history of the account reguardless of the current market for lesser accounts Dadd shouldnt sell for under 2k but is probably worth around 2.5-3k
  4. Its good to have the game progress semi-slow and the Epoch system idea is a good one just needs to be tweaked so its not forcing the player base to get burnt out and end up quitting because they have already maxed things they want to do and PvP with 5 shield skill and 20 in most others (10 in shield bashing) is just about as pointless and running around naked holding a fish in your hand. As for the carts im fine with only having the small carts for the early stages most of the people complaining about the carts havent been around long enough to even remember the time before horses and large carts of Gold 2.
  5. [12:47:16] Current Epoch: 1 - Epoch Progress: 3448/64000 rock shards I think 64k rock shards is a bit extreme Nappy dont think it should be much more than 15k-20k at most seeing as most people probably are not going to stick around if they can only play as a lesser version of a f2p wurm account for a month if their kingdom is actively grinding out the rock shards for that.
  6. Looking to buy a Black scale set pm if your selling