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  1. Hello everyone, i have 464 silver for sell at rate 1€ 1s Verified paypal only.
  2. Hello everyone, im sorry for my absence but real life first. Stinky is now available to sell again till next weekend. Should come with a horse and some basic enchanted tools and armor. Currently located on Exodus. Path of Knowledge, will update the level soon Has refer and lots of titles. Starting price is 400€ min. inc. 5€ auction ends next Saturday 18.03. at 15:00 UK time The price is nonegotiate so dont send me pms to try bring down the price please. It either sells or not. I have also gold coins available if anyone interested at rate 100€ per a coin. Happy bidding
  3. Sold to private bidder. Thanks to everyone for offers. Piece of myself sold
  4. Auction is over with Makarus as winner. Congatulations!
  5. Auction is over. Thanks to all offers. Next auction will begin in January. Account was not sold.