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  1. Not really sure Rolf has developmental priorities anymore, I think the new team handles that.
  2. Because actively watching the screen during leveling is seat of your pants action?
  3. Fillets are still meat, chopped vegetables are still vegetables, just ... umm chopped. how is that odd?
  4. Ease of healing would go a long way without all the mouse clicking imo, balancing could be done with favor etc like the changes tried to address, it just seems so clunky like most of Wurm's combat in the year 2016. If Combat is being overhauled making healing less hassle should also be included, without having to pull up the left middle toe via a menu to drop a heal.
  5. Method Activate your deity's statuette Right-click a wound Select Spells > Cure serious needs to be in range to target, open a window, search, select, then cast ( unless it's changed recently ) vrs Activate your deity's statuette Right-click a tile. Select Spells > Light of Fo Maybe be some of the issue, as most things in Wurm are made with extra hassle by design.
  6. Given the current climate this is the expected response, thanks for the clarity,
  7. I see from the Wiki members listed here of a join date no more recent than 2014, so many good friends have come and gone, if you feel preserving history is not inline with Wurm's current plan, take the time to not completely erase things you cannot recover. While the current plan is to update the description of Wurm mechanics etc. etc., how difficult is it to copy all you deem unnecessary to the Wiki, paste it somewhere and add a link so those of us who do care can still access it? While your vision does not include preserving Wurms history, the Wiki predates any and all plans you may currently have, and is pretty damn important to enough people for you to tread lightly disturbing things that existed prior to your new found desire to streamline Wurm Online.
  8. Why does the fix always follow the removal of what people have been doing for ages? You make it sound like these methods ( bug, exploit, unintended, whatever you wish to call it ), just appeared, pen bashing has been in the game longer than some of the current dev team has played. If this was always unintended, and all the future things you plan to remove as well, get off your ass and work on the fixes prior to just removing the things people use because it's become the normal way.
  9. Long term doesn't matter when enough get fed up, it's never personal until something you enjoy is effected, perhaps your enjoyment is in defending the game no matter what.
  10. They already started new players at 20 unarmed as it was a Pita, I'll wait and see how the changes play out, but not holding my breath at this point.
  11. Watching your stamina and ducking out when you take too much damage is hardly unattended. Do you plan to move forward with an equally viable means to gain skill, if there were better ways people would obviously already be doing it . Take with one hand ...
  12. Imagine this wouldn't be possible due to the cries of highways and I use that road one a year arguments. Too bad roads didn't go away if not walked on in X amount of time. I thought is was part of the old code but I'm unsure if it actually worked or was just in the description long ago.
  13. Remembering to carry more water than a normal human can drink in a lifetime in my inventory for a 10 minute walk.
  14. I believe Meditation was always pvp focused first and probably came out before Wurm had a solely pve style of play, that they seem useless is an issue with when they were introduced. Not every thing in the game was released last month and quite a bit of the game is unchanged from when the game released except things being added. The current team seems very receptive to changing everything currently in the game, I'd drop them a pm.
  15. I'd be surprised if Rolf even knows what goes on here anymore, the PR posts seem to be personal opinion and not a relay of Rolf's words, the Developers seem to change what I can only guess is a team goal, but I think the team is about 3 -5 people excluding Rolf myself.
  16. Reading comprehension isn't a problem, but apparently not following along blindly to every change the game does isn't welcome in this game anymore. News Flash, not every player is after a position on the team and cheers every change this game makes.
  17. A lot of games allow you to bank many items decay free, but for a small fee you can do that too ... but wait !!!, if you act now you'll receive a second, just pay a separate processing and handling fee.
  18. More like asking the current plan for Epic like the rest, if the point is Epic is working fine, I'm very confused I guess, but it's ok because it's WO and not WU.
  19. Continuing on perpetual life support, with only Dev responses of we're working on it, and we already answered you is a benefit? Edit: in before my next staff bashing warn.
  20. Not to burst your bubble, but if Epic was a WU server it would be long gone too, a very poor comparison imo.
  21. Started in 2010. Gumbo was the first player we met on Freedom when we went through the portal from GV, and the only one who didn't attempt to trick us into making bricks our first week.
  22. Tineen is like a boomerang, you can never quite throw it far enough without it returning.
  23. Your Scottish, you drink, I think it's more likely you forget your password or where you live for long periods of time.
  24. There is no reason to continue trying to communicate with you, enough know the truth without a further need on my part to convince you, like in game your a pompous ass in chat as well as on the forums. People aren't making things up, they just can't produce what you need to see to be satisfied, in the end both the item and the thread / IRC chat happened before your time. If only you were around then to preserve it for us, please return to the Wiki and data-mining Wurm to your few fans who give a ######.