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  1. 1 hour ago, Angelklaine said:

    No complaints bud. Its just an explanation as to why the Trader and RMT change was instituted and how these changes were made to bump the company's bottom line, instead of being a change made purely because of Steam rules. I don't think people really care where their money ends up.


     Sure you have your answer by now, but traders on Freedom payed jack and ###### for years since the forage for coin was introduced to the game, I cant speak for Chaos but they never payed that well on freedom even before the changes, most that complained never bought one from the game. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Cornchips said:

    Ok so no; nobody can justify it. Gotcha

    Some aren't trying to justify it, have just played more years than the current staff and playerbase, not all truly care, just struggling with all the finger pointing nowadays when they spent as much RL money before all the white knights on the forums ever heard of Wurm.



  3. 31 minutes ago, Angelklaine said:

    I have nothing against RMT, otherwise I wouldnt be playing this game. I have many friends who made money with the game, including people like Goldfever who are great people and whom have helped me lots. What I have something against is the people who are trash talking the game now that they cant no longer make any money out of it. If you don't like the game thats fine, just move on, but that fallacy that the game will die out without RMT is just that, a fallacy. Its an argument brought forward by people who need validation for what they do.


    If the game was killing it all these years I wouldn't disagree, people don't always seek validation as much as the constant argument the game will be fine without " insert this months new decision ", if you think the game hasn't been dieing for years and removing RMT is the thing that will turn it around ... I don't have the words.



  4. 13 hours ago, Ols said:


    I've managed to play Wurm for 12 years (on and off) and not engaged in any RMT. If anything I've had more fun because of it. Everything I own is the result of work I've put in myself ingame, which I find more satisfying. If people can't have fun without RMT then I think that reflects the need for changes to occur ingame, such as reducing the barrier to entry in PvP or making it easier to obtain and train a priest.


    I too never RMTed, but Rolf was always wanting people to do bitcoin or fine with it, personally I could care less, tough to call people out for engaging in what the game developer started years ago. 

  5. One thing to consider is all accounts, had to do this at one point, not disagreeing but this is not something new, when we started in 2010 we had the same challenge.


    Outside of buying a character every player has to " Grind ", if anything skilling is faster than it was years ago.


    8 hours ago, Psychelock said:

    Problem: New players cant produce anything of value for older players.


    A new player has to invest way too much time in order to participate in the trade. 


  6. Trying to reinvent the wheel to fix the economy won't happen anymore than sun setting servers to get all the community closer together, I've seen loads of suggestions over the years but the only thing that happens is new things being added to the game vrs attempts to shrink the game to fit the population.


    Honestly I can't see any major changes to how items are created / sold / repaired anymore than other changes that would be too drastic at this point, Wurm has been showing it's age for quite sometime and anything that wouldn't upset some portion of the player base wouldn't be a risk the game would take imo.

  7. If you added more incentive to imping items vrs spam creation, be it swapping the chance for rares from imping instead of creation you could make existing items more attractive than continually adding more and more items to the game.


    On the other hand you could also have it make sense to smelt down the bloat of items in the game as well, I'm sure a lot of details would need battled out in the forums, but things to make less items in the game matter more would be a decent first step, instead of mass spamming for rare chances etc, even working out a better incentive to sac items may be a thought.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Roccandil said:


    It's not the market, it's people. Wurm needs -new- people. Do you really think tweaking the market will do that?


    One real problem is that Wurm Online no longer presents a true new player experience. By that, I mean starting new on a new island with everyone else new too. That's a huge missing piece to this puzzle. For Wurm to attract new players, it needs to provide that again, somehow.

    Been there done that with Release and Pristine, maybe you weren't around during that time, but even with a higher population it didn't achieve the results your looking for.

  9. People ask for constructive criticism, then as usual focus on the way answers are delivered etc.


    Lets makes things real easy, add everything to the game, make it as realistic as possible in all things, make things take as much time as possible and we'll see how it plays out, if subscriptions support your way of doing things you'll know your on the right track.


    Lets please wait no longer and get all this, boiling water and the rest in the game by the next possible update.

  10. Things like this are the beauty of WU, Wurm Online caters to the masses as a whole, it has some difficulty to make some challenge but not everything is made hardcore to keep everyone happy enough.


    If want Wurm Second Life you are more than able to mod your perfect survival game and fill it with like minded and willing players, that would be the easiest solution instead of trying to browbeat others to conform to your ideal way of gameplay.

  11. On 1/31/2018 at 1:36 PM, Yaga said:


    Please show the fairness to read my explaining post again (see above), before repeating things that are not true. This was NOT about inviting players to their deed! (OP was not a villager of any deed nor had a deed of their o


    The thread would've easily dropped off the first page and been forgotten if other staff didn't feel the need to make an attempt at crowd control imo.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Retrograde said:

    This isnt any smoothing over, this isnt an eviction, this was someone asking another deed owner in the area to be respectful of other people in the area as a precaution, given they've had issues with people in the past. 


    The person in question took it offensively and started this thread, No action has been taken, no harassment, nothing.

    Their play is in no way affected by anything here beyond likely not being included in that alliance. 

    Just as well lock it and remove it so no one else will ever see the thread, it's quite obvious where this is headed, guessing a friend of yours, I get it.

  13. No offence Retro, I never believed it to be an abuse of staff, just that the guy came off as an ######, to validate him by saying anyone that has responded to the thread would do no different is further spin to whitewash the whole thread into " hey guys, we all do this ", you'd be best served to save your smoothing over the masses to your weekly updates on the game.

  14. 32 minutes ago, Yaga said:

    Guys, may I ask you to calm down for a moment, please?


    Actually I didn't plan to reply to this post, because we really don't need that kind of drama. However, as some of you seem to jump at conclusions and have already found the bad guy in this story, I may have to put a few things right - just to avoid any misunderstandings. Every coin has two sides - just take a few minutes to look at the other side.


    I totally agree with most of what you said:

    • Every player is free to settle anywhere on undeeded land (as long as no rules are broken and no obvious griefing is involved).
    • Zuzanazan and her friend are more than welcome to stay in the area (in fact I invited her friend to come here and suggested to place a deed in my neighbourhood).
    • Of course they are free to invite other people to their village, nobody is denying them that right.

    Ever since Zuzanazan and her friend arrived as new players a few days ago I did my best to help and assist them. I helped her friend to find a nice suitable coastal spot and showed her how to place her first deed. As most of my allies are currently taking a break I was more than happy to have new neighbours, and I told them so. I took them on a sightseeing tour around the area to show them places, our deeds and the surrounding area. I was always there to help and protect. I gave them a horse and some farm animals to start their first little farm.


    Zuzanazan is not yet a member of our alliance - she isn't even a villager of her friend's settlement, as far as I know. All I intended with that personal message she publicly posted (well, it's not so "personal" anymore now ;)) was to ask her to be a bit careful about randomly inviting unknown people to settle down close to our villages. (That's what it actually was about - not about inviting anyone to their deed.) We had some unpleasant experience with griefing by strangers in the past, so we prefer to be cautious and we like to talk to newcomers first, whenever we can. As I said: everybody is free to come here and settle down - I just tried to sensitize her to possible risks and ask her to be careful! Maybe I should have worded that first line she quoted a bit differently; it may have been not clear enough!


    Nobody is being "evicted" and nobody is "scared away"! In fact, I was looking forward to having her and her friend as new neighbours. I never expected she would react like this - and cause a public shitstorm about it! I'm sorry if my wording caused such a big mess. (And: being a staff member or not has absolutely nothing to do with this. This is a matter of misunderstandings and, maybe, different opinions between players. No reason for the usual round of staff bashing.)


    Having read this, you may want to read the original PM text again, and try to spot where I was "unkind" or "evicting" or "scaring away". Everyone who knows me should be able to confirm that I always try to be polite and friendly.


    Good spin on it, honestly if you have talked to me like that I'd have been more than a jerk in return, you seemed to have an air of " I control how things work in the area " whether meant or not it seems very clear to me from the chat log.

  15. 1) Leave the alliance if you are a part of any


    2) ignore the user ( bit tough with a CM char, perhaps ask Idony the head CM you wish no interaction with a char you lack the ability to block


    3) Profit??


    4) Invite who you please, over time become jaded and paranoid like the rest of the game.