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  1. I've always found way better hunting in forest Less visibility so there is less chance that others will have charged around to kill mobs more than a few tiles off the roads/paths... Local 'Get Info' is showing mobs down by about a quarter ( 250 to 190 ).. This is lowest number I have seen for that particular spot since I started about 5 years ago, the peak being over 500 back in 2015. Do you have a link to the post that had that explanation? I half remember having a feeling that having a mix of biomes/tiles types in an area had quite an effect, more so than vast desert/steppe area some people seem to like to create.
  2. Interesting... only appears to work in full screen mode!!! Resolution makes no difference. BUT, does not work in windowed mode, no mater what the resolution is set to!
  3. `LOAD_SKILL_TRACKER#`. See https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Skill_tracker
  4. If it's still green, it's not flat..
  5. The steam overlay is not functioning. None of the buttons or links on the steam overlay are working with macOS 10.15.6 (iMac, 27" Late 2013). This also makes it impossible to make any purchase from the store.
  6. That is the "Show old menu buttons (F keys)"
  7. Maybe http://www.wurmonline.com/status-new/ , but for some reason Melody is not listed. The other status page I knew seems to no longer be available.
  8. I really hope this will not mess up any projects that have been started.
  9. It should still work - it is how I handle the different sets of keybinds that I use.
  10. Really??? Just picked up a small barrel, and it didn't appear in my inventory! No error, or message in the console log, but it's in my inventory when I relog.
  11. The launcher wasn't even loading, so a lot earlier than trying to login... Probably also problems with the update server...
  12. I'm going to guess this may be connected with steam launch - but the on macOS the normal non-steam client is no longer launching. So, can't connect as my main character on Xanadu... The only indication of what may be happening is an error in the system log. Jul 24 21:04:06 paul com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (CCAB.WurmLauncherApp.33712[966]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255 This is with macOS v10.15.6, and was running with out a problem before the downtime Steam launch, and long enough afterwards to get through the tutorial on GV and out the portal to the new servers... ---- Ignore that - just tried again and the launcher has just updated itself - still can't connect to any servers but...
  13. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but was getting really bad fps with the preview client at the imp'along - the current client was giving me 60fps, but the preview client with the same settings I was only getting 1fps!
  14. The Christmas 2015 Labyrinth - well worth a visit, if it is still working.
  15. Sounds like a fun event, what's not to like about getting really lost in wurm. Hopefully there will be dwarves to throw axed at us in those twisty little mine passages.
  16. Two things about the fight window... 1. No special moves show - I assume they should appear in the empty boxes above the stance, but they stay empty with no tooltip 2. While fighting the target window, 'no target' overlay appears/disappears over the targetted mob image. There is nothing in the combat window that would seem to suggest what is happening, also I don't see the spell effect associated with being stunned. I also notice that I am still hitting and causing damage when it is showing, so...
  17. Dragging a pile of items into a container shows the name of the container in the tooltip, dragging a single item does not. With the toolbelt - the mouse over areas both to see the details of the item in the slot, and to select it, are not aligned with the graphics. This is particularly notable with the toolbelt size toggled to small. Probably associated with that, sometimes clicking on a toolbelt item will activate the item in the slot to the left of one clicked on.
  18. A number of error messages in the console: This one is being spammed a few times a second and when fighting a hell hound I did miss having the 'F' key menu, until I found the option to turn it back on. But I notice that there is no longer the alternative version shown when a key modifier is press - say for 'shift' + F key combinations. There is also a bug with the text in the 'F' key menu not getting updated when an 'F' keybind is modified.
  19. Probably worth reminding those running on macOS the "Choose client" dialog is shown by holding the `cmd` button while starting the launcher.
  20. at least from here in the UK - mtr (or traceroute) is showing that the route to the cdn used for updates.wurmonline.com is failing.
  21. As usual see Niarja for the rift time. So, still in much the same area as the last few weeks, but a little more off the beaten track this time. Best access is probably from the highway to the south and then north across an old deed site and then though the forest. The closest point on the highway system is 'Desert Plain' which is at the s.e corner of the desert lower left on the map above. For those in the Lormere area, the tunnel east from Castle Black and through P16 -> P19 will re-join the highway south of Desert Plain in P19. Katspurr visited this area earlier this year,
  22. Not quite the same spot as the last rift, which was about half a grid to the south east. It is however on just about the same spot as a previous rift, from back just after that section of road was completed by Yetian and myself.