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  1. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Very nice client tool, impressive dedication and patience to this program and the community! Round of applause for you!
  2. Tool is a great band.

  3. WTB Planks, Dirt, Shards, Nails

    Want to buy 1000 planks (25+ QL Please) -1s 1000 Dirt (Any QL) -1s 1000 Rock shards (Any QL) -1s 250 Small nails (Any QL) -50c 250 Large nails (Any QL) -50c Will pick up at any port city on INDE If i could pick these up as soon as possible, it would be very nice. Edit: Added WTB Rock shards, Small and large nails.
  4. WTB Planks, Dirt, Shards, Nails

    No longer buying, thank you for the fast service everyone who PM'd me.
  5. Maybe a little more cracked wood so it looks like the small support beams have been damaged, other than that, great work! Edit: Chances are if a wall of that strength was damaged by something, the wooden beams would be damaged by shock force be it a catapult, maul, etc.
  6. Cuddly new staff model!

    For those who don't like this staff model. (Because it was "A waste of time") It's not like serious Wurm time and money were put into this model, it was likely only done by 1 person just as a passing time project. Also, this shakes it up a bit more for role-players if they were to need assistance by GM. For example, it would feel like you were actually being visited by a demigod rather than someone wearing the same skin suit as you. All in all, we should all be thankful for the amazing work that the art team has done over the past 2 years alone.
  7. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Keeping it classy wurm >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-WV4y-GrIg
  8. missing wall

  9. WTB 1k Planks FOR 1s

    Want to buy 1000 planks, ANY QUALITY, PREFERABLY AT LEAST OVER 15, Will pick up at any port deed on inde EDIT: Order filled by Whippy, no longer looking for planks.
  10. Okay, please remove Newport Harbor from Coordinates 35y, 17x Then, please add Newport Harbor again to the map on coordinates 36y, 50x, then add a road leading to the deed like so, Thank you!
  11. WTB botd SAW

    WTB 80+ Quality, 70+ botd enchanted saw, reply with offers
  12. Experience Xanadu!

    With a map of this sheer size, people could go for hour walks without encountering anyone, the possibility endless of what could happen. The amount of land you could even control would be practically limitless (Unless you are a land control freak) The continent alone would take years for the Wurm community to settle in to it as they have Independence for an example. This project sounds extremely impressive and would be a massive step up in my opinion.
  13. Not that its relevant, but i dont believe the map has been updated in quite a while...
  14. WTS Sleeping Powder x4

    I would like to sell some sleeping powder that i have no need for. 1 Silver Per powder 1s Delivery Fee, 5 silver total Contact me on the forums VIA PM, or just try to get ahold of me in game. I AM ON INDEPENDANCE
  15. WTS Sleeping Powder x4

  16. WTS Sleeping Powder x4

  17. Useful Boat Ideas

    We should actually make a carrying system for boats to make them more useful, such as the cog, would could be used more, for instance. A cog can hold 67 rafts, while a corbita can hold 100, as can a caravel and knarr. What if we were to make it so... Corbitas Can hold 50 rafts Cogs can hold 75 rafts Knarrs can hold 90 rafts Caravels can hold 100 rafts. I dont mean by those exact numbers really, but i think this would help get the cog back into business, and the boating industry could possibly rise. Edit: This could also make bigger boats like caravels more popular and useful again, therefore making high demand all around for ship market,
  18. Useful Boat Ideas

  19. My Game Wont Start

    So i log in, and it says "Welcome back Goblinking, wurm has been waiting for you!", a moment after that, it crashes. I havent been able to get on wurm in 4 days now, and im kinda worried
  20. My Game Wont Start

  21. Troll King 30/6 9:30Pm Gmt

    You picked a bad day with all the server disconnects lately
  22. Suggeted A Gift For My Bf?

    A nice romantic evening :3
  23. Fps Boost?

    Hi, im wondering if anyone out there has any tricks to increase my framerate in wurm. I usually run around 30 frames on mixed settings, but i think i can do a lot better. Here are my specs Processor: Intel Core I3, 2.4 ghz (Hyperthreaded) Graphics: Radeon 7670m Memory: 6 Gig Ram I dont want to have to sacrifice much graphics for framerate, unless its a dramatic increase. Thanks for help.
  24. Lock It Up

    You need to take into account, as he claimed earlier, hes doing this because it would "Look awesome" which is one opinion out of many in the community of wurm. Something like this could use a massive poll, and even if the poll passed, good luck getting all those people to move out, including the people that are inactive yet still have deeds there. I say its impossible, not because of the time and effort you would put in, but because of the massive conflict it would cause between players.
  25. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Looks like a very impressive program, can't wait to try it out.