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  1. I was wondering what people would think of a simple trinket (like a compass) that tells the wind direction for sailing purposes. It would be HUD component much like the Compass which shows the direction of the winds. This would eliminate the need to have to examine all of the time for sailing.
  2. I'd take a page out of minecraft and suggest the following: You can craft a map, but it is a snapshot of the "local" area only. If the area changes, well the map is outdated and needs to be remade. I think this is probably the only way I'd like to see a map integrated into the game. -Sqwince
  3. I just don't think it should happen. It should just prevent you from going through the gate (unless unlocked). It should treat it as if the gate is closed. I think there is a bug that causes the character to get stuck "inside" the gate somehow.
  4. I get trapped "inside" the fence gate when visiting another persons deed. If they walk through the gate and I try to follow it will trap me in the gate and I can't back up from it. The deed owner has to unlock the gate for me to be able to become unstuck.
  5. I have the same issue with my Lantern (located in my backpack)
  6. I think it is important to have so that people can tell the difference between network lag and graphical memory issues.
  7. Can we get a latency meter just like every other online MMO? A simple latency status next to the FPS meter would be sufficient. Thanks, Sqwince