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  1. I'm actually having a hard time finding a forum member named "Enki". Any suggestions? Thanks PAR
  2. Wife is away for the weekend to a wedding out of state so I've put in tons of mining time during the hours I normally sleep. I was chatting w/ a citizen of my village and went to take care of my son and get a cup of coffee and when I came back my client had "crashed". When I try and log back in it says I am permanently banned due to macro-ing? What!? I cant even log into my alt. Can someone please help. PAR
  3. damn didnt think I'd win this. But cool COD to "Erazor" please PAR
  4. Sweet. Please mail to "Erazor". Thanks! PAR
  5. Thanks... although that might not be where the pick itself is But since it can be mailed... 14s PAR
  6. Can this be mailed? If not, what server are you on? PAR
  7. Can this be mailed? PAR
  8. My lord leave him alone. Good sale for the guy that bought it and good sale for the guy that sold it because that's what he wanted to do. If he set up shop in your neighborhood and sold 100 of these then I *might* see your point. Go put your head back under the pillow. PAR
  9. Personally, I thought the original speed and multiple corners at a time was a good "feature". I think making the game more accessible to more people is the only way it'll make it. There are already other sandbox games coming out that, although not the depth of Wurm (yet and really... only by virtue of its age), will end up killing Wurm if the game isn't more enjoyable to less hard-core people. I'm not saying hamstring it... but my lord get rid of the tedious gameplay that is really only enjoyable to a very select group of people. You say you love the game and you love the "art" of the game and the tediousness that comes with it. Unfortunately, the game also requires an ever increasing stream of revenue in order to keep it going, let alone extending its functionality. Either give in a little or eventually lose it all. In the end, its a business and if Rolf and Co. cant keep the the revenue stream coming in, all your hard work will go the way of 1,000 other MMOs. Wurm has such huge potential... way more than Minecraft or anything else Ive seen. PAR