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  1. Great Mod!
  2. Thanks Ago as always for making this and continued updates
  3. @Blackbear I'm also getting the same issue, with Creature class is frozen. hoping someone can chime in with a suggestion or fix!
  4. A new update has gone out, to say that there will no longer be any updates. So in 5 years' time if WO is still going it'll be a fair bit ahead in features/mechanics than WU.
  5. Is this randomly when you click, the view just gets thrown around? I've had this for going on 2 years now, and never figured out how to fix it. It's only in Wurm too. It's kinda whatever, totally used to it, maybe 1 in 30 mouse clicks I'll get it, but still.
  6. Oh yeah this list looks absolutely fantastic now! Thanks for all your effort!
  7. It'd be nice if this could get stickied - A mod list post is great but useless if it gets lost
  8. God I love mods. Love the modders even more - thankyou Sindusk, your time spent on all your efforts with WU are greatly appreciated by at least one person!
  9. Wondered if anyone would be willing to make a mod that changes how quickly coal piles produce charcoal? As I do quite like to play on a local server, I do not have the time to keep the server running at all times, so I have have to make farms grow quickly, add the forestry mod to water trees etc but there is no easy way to get a hold of charcoal - lava spiders and hell hounds are too far between. Thanks in advance.
  10. I see where you're coming from, but I do think that this being available to all does help level the playing field. In PvE it's pretty much just the sake of convenience, the only advantages you get are easily being able to see treasure chests, beehives, anything you're searching for In PvP if someone is using it and the rest aren't, then that 1 person has the sole advantage. If all are using it except one, then it's on that person to download the mod. It's a difficult thing really, but my personal opinion is that it's better to be out there than hidden away for a select few to ruin it for others.
  11. Please disregard the previous post, it seems that it was because steam had the 'launching game' little window open from me having a file verify on override bandwidth. Working fine now that I've closed it!
  12. Hi people, I'm a bit confused that my client won't launch. I've updated/disabled mods as necessary to remove any and all errors in the client.log, however the client does not launch (or at least, completely) Nothing actually comes up on screen, but I see the client.log being locked and unlocked when the client initializes. Here is the log, it ends with Goodbye. Exit. And I have NO idea why, checked my autorun and things like that, I don't have anything to think that the client would close itself down straight away. Could it be as simple as a Java update? I'll go ahead and try that now whilst waiting for a reply Thanks in advance.
  13. Currently unable to start a server due to the moonmetalmining mod: here is the server.log: Wouldn't like to say what's wrong, it was working perfectly fine previous to 1.5, but judging on the log an array out bounds error seems more like it'd be on the side of mod rather than the loader. Mind you I have no idea really, I'll takea quick look at the source if it's there and see what I can see, though my programming knowledge is extremely limited. Thanks again for all you do ago! Edit: server starts fine with the mod disabled. Edit 2: According to the mod's own thread, it's an issue with the vein cap. I'll just disable anyway and wait for a fix from the mod dev (hopefully). Cheers!
  14. So I have figured out the issue to my problem, and it turns out it's a pretty silly, basic problem of not using my eyes! The 0.6 download for skillmod contains the properties file, and a folder with the .jar in it The name of that folder containing the .jar is.... 'mods' NOT 'skillmod' So it was still looking at an older version from mid 2016, rather than the new 0.6 version. Please let anyone who sees this note this, and also that in the properties file there is a mistake with Coalmaking - it is by default as 'Coal-making' This needs changing to 'Coal_making' to work. Cheers all
  15. Yep, 100%. Like I said, I tried both your fork after failing to get 0.6 working Here's the entire server log for the sake of clarity, and I just put in the files you linked me now (It shows skillmod-0.6(2).zip in my downloads, 1000% sure I'm using the most recent)