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  1. I'd like to see a new server or 2 separate from the rest of the clusters, like pristine /release USED TO BE. I don't think an entire wipe is the answer, but the opportunity for new and old players alike to start fresh could be a compromise. I didn't understand the need to combine pristine and release with the rest of the cluster. A decent amount of the people on these servers were alts aswell as new people. Once combined the income from alts declined because they could just move their main toons over, I know I did. TLDR a new server or 2 separate from the rest of the cluster.
  2. Sold

    bookkeeper on the path of knowledge (lvl 7 i think?)
  3. Sold

    updated with price tag
  4. Sold

    bump with price
  5. Sold

    need to make some fast cash, as im out of work now and between my family, living off £77 per week. at the end of the day, food is more important than silver coins
  6. Sold

    im currently selling my gold at 1s=0.8e so thats what i base it off
  7. Sold

    no, 70s = roughly 56euro
  8. Sold

    keeping it close to top, and entertaining offers