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  1. looks to be a nice canal , keep up the good work
  2. How do cattle survive on rock?

    so far my 8 horse's stay away from each other and graze nicely.. no bunching up or hanging in corners so far .. like a 12x12 lot
  3. My Food Addiction: Update 3

    Amazing... keep up the good work =)
  4. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    it all started long ago on a game called PONG, then came pac man...and so on till online was invented.. my first real experience was Everquest <original> then got into world of Warcraft.. .but i play A Tale in the desert...Eve.. EU4 and all sorts of games .. but mostly i just enjoy WURM .. i always end up back here ..been here off and on since the start when there was just 1 server ..
  5. Weapon Zombie Troll

    wait, what , there are zombies in this game ?
  6. Useless christmas gifts

    i like the free gifts.. doesn't matter if i can use them or not.. would it be nice to make/pick my own gift ugh ya sure but wheres the fun in that
  7. Documentation for new update?

    so there are free transfers for priest who wish it ? no lose of any skill ? faith ect.. ?
  8. WTS 5 sleep powder

    wts 5 sleep powder for 4silver on deli . T/13 ingame map .. pm tikki or message here . thanks kindly
  9. i am looking forward to the PRICE of wurm going back down to normal, so i can start playing both my char's again =)
  10. Name Changing - Why or why not?

    i do NOT wish for any name changes .. that's my pennies worth of thought on this
  11. Marketing plan timeline

    i agree that a lower price model will help increase the population in wurm....on both models. please lower prices and bring the player base back to historic numbers .. we can do this =)
  12. Thank you

    Thank You to all devs and wurmians ... you make wurm FUN......
  13. Wine Bottles and Labels

    lets make this happen