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  1. Does my building still count as a complete house without planned floors? I have plank floor boards down.
  2. Cool, thanks. Also, awesome avatar.
  3. I have this adolescent horse that is the same size as a youngin'. Does the age necessarily affect the size? Are there venerable horses that are this small? Image related:
  4. Awesome, thanks Zarame. Very helpful
  5. Looking for the average sell price for: Mooring Ropes Thick Ropes Cordage Ropes Also, for: Lead Lump/Ore Square Sails Small Square Sails I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I'm located on Exodus. Thanks!
  6. That is pretty impressive. I love that it's not just a multi-story brick. Very cool. EDIT: Spelling
  7. A Prayer

    We do that? Haha, this is awesome.
  8. Haha, there are times when I mistake the emotes that I hear with my friends talking on Teamspeak. It has been the cause of some confusion and hilarity. I haven't really noticed a large difference in the volume or distance of the emotes though.
  9. I'm so tired of the "make it easy for macro-ers" argument. Macroing is already very easy, and honestly, people will macro and remain undetected regardless. In my opinion, that shouldn't even be considered an argument. I sincerely hope that the creating/improving interface becomes easier to use, although I will continue to abuse my wrists if they don't.
  10. This topic is hilarious. It starts with a guy complaining about the material requirement in a video game, and then launches into a detailed discussion on the intricacies of making clay houses in parts of the world with abundant rock resources, and the cultural factors involved in gathering the workforce needed for creating said clay. Seriously lol'd. That being said, I agree that clay bricks should require less clay and less time to create. Edit: Grammar
  11. New Things? :o

    You can see the changes and also get a link to the whole changelog in the game launcher. Wurm just released to version 1.0, so that's why you are noticing changes.
  12. I don't think that it is as straight forwards as 10 skill points per story. I currently have 50.86 skill and have completed 6 floors and a roof. I wasn't able to build the roof above the 6th story until ~49.25 carpentry. Whenever I would try to build the roof before, I would get the, "you need a higher carpentry skill to build at this height" message. I've asked this exact question many different times since the update and have received no indication that people know anything about it other than what their own skill is and what they can build to. I can confirm that at 50 carpentry, one can build up to the 7th story (6 floors and a roof.) Wish I could be more help! The above is based off a 16 tile, 22 wall structure. EDIT: added the tile and wall info ^
  13. I was playing with some alts yesterday and the though hit me that it would be very useful/convenient if there were a little indicator that told you how many actions you have stacked, and what they are. For instance, if you are building a house and you stack two build actions and then a repair, maybe under the action timer two little plank icons and a hammer icon show up and then disappear as the actions complete. The specific icon could be similar or the same as the one used for improving. Any thoughts?
  14. You guys, this guy is so full of ######. Just ignore him. Who posts that they are quitting a game because of some random bogus reason and then justifies it with some stupid reason like, "they charge me double and I don't trust PayPal?" This guy is troll, and the game is better off without him. Bye forever Toraktu!
  15. Found horses belonging to Erasmus and Parim. PM me in-game!
  16. +1, however I think it would be easier and better if whenever Rolf added sleep bonus as a reimbursement for anything, there is no maximum amount. The 5 hour cap should only apply to sleep bonus that is gained from actually sleeping.
  17. I totally agree with this sentiment. Why did they make a big "hoorah" about releasing Wurm 1.0 if it weren't supposed to be viewed as an official, out-of-testing version of the game? Then, out of the other side of their mouth, they make the excuse that it's a small indie game. You would think that the very fact that it's a small indie game with a relatively small player base would encourage the developers to take better care of their customers and do everything in their power to make sure that they don't feel like they're being ripped off or taken advantage of. The statement on the game launcher said that they won't be able to help players who experienced losses because it would be too big of an operation to undertake. That seems totally unacceptable to me. There shouldn't be a "too much work to make it right" option. Or, if it truly is an impossibly large task, it would seem a much more reasonable approach to do everything they can to make up for their loss. I would argue that the majority of players would agree that a couple hours of bonus XP did not even come close to making up for the losses suffered in the past few days. I've found my motivation to play has substantially decreased not because the game had a glitch, but rather due to the reluctance of the devs to take responsibility for their mistake. How am I supposed to trust that the devs are really there to help the players if the game has another glitch? How is it even remotely beneficial for anyone to foster this idea that if something goes wrong, you're screwed as a player and basically have to just bend over and take it? I believe that the players are their source of income and are literally what is keeping this game alive, and somehow that has been lost on the Devs. Their priority should be to make sure that their players are happy and getting their money's worth. This, however, does not seem to be the priority. The priority seems to be to deflect and underplay the problem as a whole. Obviously, this is just my opinion. Edit: spelling
  18. Please tell me you're 10 or something...wow. I haven't "loged" in yet today, but I'm glad to hear that there was at least something done. Honestly, I already had about 4 hours saved up from using a bed, but no matter. I just hope that this wanton disregard and lack of consideration for the people who are paying to keep this game alive doesn't continue.
  19. I lost 7 horses in total. 2 Black Females - one was 3 away from giving birth 2 Brown Males - Mature and Aged 3 foals - 2 females, brown and white, 1 male, black. I completely understand the GM's seeming lack of concern for the fact that their players have withstood a pretty decent loss in some cases. I can imagine that it would be very difficult to make sure that people reporting losses aren't just trying to take advantage of the system. However, as far as I can tell, there hasn't even been a response to the ridiculous amount of complaints about losses. In some cases, people have lost hours and hours of work, only to be completely ignored and told to get over it when they do the only thing that any reasonable person would do when faced with that situation and try to contact support to regain their losses. I think it is only right for the Devs to at least make an effort to compensate the losses. If that means filling the SB bar for everyone, or spawning some more horses randomly around the server, or something (anything), then at least it would show some sort of effort instead of just plain ignoring.
  20. It's on Exodus. Why? Hoping to come knock it down? Lol.
  21. Yeah I realized that right after I put the roof on the lower section on. I didn't expect it to be so tall.
  22. Here is the back side, in case you wanted to see it...
  23. Check out my almost finished multi-story mansion! When I try to build the roof, it tells me that I don't have sufficient carpentry to do so. My carpentry is at 44.81. Anyone have any idea when I would be able to build the roof? Edit: spelling Edit: added spoiler