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  1. This is true. I've been out of the game and forums since 2015. I can't remember the last email I got from Wurm, it's been years I guess. And they have my email address linked to the the forum account. It would have been nice to be informed about the elevation reset a couple years ago, I would have considered replaying then. Or an email from Rolf when he was stepping down. Or an email about this epic reboot that doesn't seem to actually be that significant anyway. Please do email if something big happens like a new server opening. I do not want to miss that.
  2. Well the kings coffer is shared among all kingdoms. Coffers could have gone up 5s to a JK purchasing a res stone, and the coin goes to the trader on their side which you don't get to see.
  3. Climb a mountain is bugged for Epic as there apparently isn't a mountain high enough to give credit... Was told to go to freedom to complete it (wtf?) Lockpick 5 boats -- I've picked probably a dozen boats, both enemy and ally, no credit. And a large majority of the sorcery title achievements must be bugged I think because some of the titles are gained by having multiple spells. But for players who've already gotten multiple spells, their title isn't upgraded and it only registers the first spell's title.
  4. Sounds about as unpredictable as usual to me. A few months ago, two traders in BL having their ratio set on the same day and untouched for the next 28 can still earn completely different amounts, like 10s and 32s. I haven't seen anyone make more than 20s in a cycle though for months (unless it was also being infused with silver from purchases). I think the economy has just been tapped and there's prob 50+ traders pulling from the coffers now. Even after an independence form that's just 2s per trader. And don't the coffers drain for other reasons too now like when people sac a rock shard or w/e? I agree it should be looked at though. It never felt quite accurate or equal.
  5. How about everyone within ~30 tiles gets on the tab? There's a lot of alternate roles in pvp; an archer shooting out horses and pets wouldn't get the same credit either. Or a builder/repairer of a raid. Then there's the people who just spam-target everyone for 1sec to get on a kill they did nothing for. And the affinity lottery could be rebalanced aswell...
  6. +1. No more drop-down menus. Just move it further from the common choices. I bet no one misclicks emotes when they're trying to dig -- because it's at the bottom of the list. Put drop, maybe even take, below "Emotes"?
  7. lulz, you must be new to wurm if you think this needs a quicker fix than the dozens of other bugs, like the one that disconnected me and others mid-fight and actually caused a death. Plus, you didn't even thoroughly test all the factors. Post another video trying it with the roof on, or with a wall broken, or under open-arched tiles like we were casting it. We were technically casting from within the building the entire time (under the arches), you were only separated by another room which is different than being outside a 1x1. It's probably another of several bugs with structures currently, not scorn--all of the aoe spells were leaking through the rooms in that fight.
  8. Tracking seems bugged; and before that it was still pretty useless. Right now I tracked 9 tiles that 5 other people were walking and currently standing on, but only ever got [11:09:01] You find only your own tracks. This is with 46 effective tracking skill. What's the issue? Please fix and hopefully make tracking useful someday.
  9. Sounds like a shitty situation. But NO, you should NOT be able to (have to) pay for animal slots... You are getting shafted by the devs and ratio change. Welcome to 1.x wurm online. Breeding and caring for animals was a rewarding and classic activity in the game and now it's just a pain in the neck. From what I've seen that ratio change only affected a dozen or so massive deeds that were exceptionally packed; but it's only created problems for.. everyone else. Remove ratios and re-address the hoarding problem with a more logical solution IMO.
  10. This account is probably one of the best duo-server accounts in the game. 300e+
  11. I get the buff that I have "double damage to structures", but I'm not doing any extra damage. In fact, I was doing less damage with it on.
  12. Oh no, my bsb sprouts an extra crate when it's past half full... seriously? -1
  13. Invulnerable

    lol... thank you so much for that clarification. Thought that was all obvious with the picture that it's merely a display, (client?) bug, not a problem with mechanics. Sorry if my sarcastic thread title threw you off. The additional bug of having no speed reduction at 0% stam when having 1% health IS a more mechanical bug though.