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  1. sorry if it has already be ask.. how much cooking, and/or HFC skill can I expect with a cycle? Current cooking is 13.19 HFC is 14.95
  2. How much are you trying to get for him?
  3. I'm trying to recover my forum log on. Account name Valtok. Password unknown, e-mail unknown or non retrievable. I'm a returning player and have access to my game account but not my forum account. Can you help?
  4. A3 A23 A34 A40 C46 C37 C38 A42 $30 USD MSG me in game as Valtok
  5. A3 A23 A34 A40 C46 C37 C38 A42 $40 USD
  6. Campaign tent or military tent.
  7. Is this still active, how long do they usually last?
  8. I'll take a pizza with med. maul, Please. CoD to Valtok
  9. 1kg of black 90+ CoD to Valtok please
  10. As it says I'm looking for a cap to complete my set.