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  1. You celebrate as Saint Martins day same thing just a different day.
  2. Cronus is an awesome guy he used to be my neighbor. He would be a huge asset to any village.
  3. It would be nice if there was a system in place that encouraged people to participate and rewarded consistent participation. Currently it just rewards whomever is in control of the kingdom. I dont want to have to beg for a reward it would be nice if it could be earned by individual participation.
  4. But realistic, In the real world ya scoop it into the cart.
  5. Yea it is a disadvantage but there are going to be some cons to living in the cool kingdom. I liked the idea of the animals born in our influence would be born corrupted.
  6. Was out teraforming last night and every time I wanted to find the developer that made this shitty change and smash him in the face with my shovel...
  7. Seryll Lumps should just be easier to get everywhere. Its stupid that they would spend time on a feature to the game and then limit its access. We do not need uber rare useless crap we need usefull items available to everyone and sustainable.
  8. I have a star sapphire 1ql, rare pendylum, a snow lantern and 7 cotton caps for sale I dont play on freedom anymore. PM me an offer if ya want anything. Ill let it all go for a bulk deal cheap.
  9. Biggest difference is the rest of them advertise and have a marketing dept. Nobody finds Wurm unless its just by chance.
  10. THe drop submenu is very annoying. Makes teraforming a pain for me. I dont want to have to be forced to use a hotkey. It seems like whomever is in charge of this area does not play the game or ever test the changes. Its getting ridiculous.
  11. Daolin should be really upset to be called a bundle of sticks.