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  1. Its a sandpark, but a very enjoyable one. They do need to fix same side ganking
  2. Yeah, the main game will come at some point in time, meaning probably when they have a new engine and 2 years of more powerful computer development for servers. It really feels like he couldn't fix the alpha crashing issues and was facing a steam deadline to produce or lose greenlight.
  3. It is now going player server route, like so many other sandbox development these days. They say they will keep working the MMO version, but sigh. Back to waiting for Landmark systems to get in place.
  4. Its not called a sandbox Its a sandpark And, from playing in NA Alpha, its pretty fun. Tons of things to do, not instant gratification. One thing that might put people off is the almost forced pvp once you hit level 30, but even that can be avoided if you want. DEFINITELY helps to be in guild or group.
  5. The grass right when the snow melts is perfect. It looks awesome and is the height I would love to cut my grass to. I suggest that if grass is full wild, you cut once to get to current cut height (with mixed grass return) cut again to get to springtime height (with or without mixed return) and then use scissors for lawn (like now). The height can even grow back out like normal. But that's the level I want to cut grass to, not "barely notices a difference" level of now. Thanks for listening
  6. Can I get 7000c for my 7000 deeded tiles I paid too much for?
  7. He just wants everyone to flood the market with traders <grin> Otherwise if he was going to he wouldn't mention it.
  8. The big problem with this is it was the limited tool that kept off deed griefing in check.
  9. Im in it, its pretty nice, the class combinations are staggering.
  10. Money will come in via epic, you trade to your new alt.
  11. It means new players should avoid joining Wurm for this launch, seriously, they have no chance to be competitive in a market or economy. There is going to be a mad land rush by players who bring in coin via Epic servers and at the 1c/tile rate can purchase massive deeds, and then bring their 90+ skill mains in to set the economy. A new player will have zero chance to make a living in that environment
  12. Wow. I would not tell ANY new player to join Xanadu. It will be completely flooded with high skilled players setting the market and claiming the most land with money from other servers. This change just encourages that. Its like you do not want to make money off of Xanadu. Players can bring silver from other servers via Epic portals like they did with Pristine and they will not even have to give you premium money for a character to claim initial deed land. Just wow. (New players would be better off joining older servers than the madhouse that will be Xanadu
  13. Collapse part of the two current deeds enough to allow for a 3rd deed between them is another option, though I am sure you will say that will not work for you
  14. I still want to be able to cut grass to the height it appears right after snow leaves. But I agree, -1 to new lawn