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  1. COD rare buchering knife, iron (W72 C75) to Remete thanks!
  3. Yeah. I think need build some road around the mountain.
  4. Congrats! Maybe can build a new cool safe road systems on the wolf island
  5. thanks for the fast service
  6. 8ql - Carving knife, iron (80coc) - 1s COD to Remete, thx
  7. If i'm the winner then COD to Remete, pls
  8. Pelt QL 81.12 coc 83 - 2s Hammer, iron QL 74.32 coc 84 - 2s Whetstone QL 89.81 coc 78 - 1s cod to Remete, thx ...or send ingame PM and i go to pick up (then i can buy one more item )
  9. Marking settlements that private or community (village) deeds. Maybe more sub category (harbors, shipyards, mines, farm fields, etc.)
  10. Exodus Deed Map

    I think this map is almost one year old
  11. Hi, wurmians! I have some veggies to sell: wemps 76ql 18k 1s/k pumpkins 74ql 10k 1s/k barleys 82ql 1k 1s/k corns 80ql 2k 1s/k enchanted grass 1s/each You can pickup on the Thornfield Farms (x35,y25 Exo) or free delivery on Exodus server if you live near to coast. (other freedom servers +20c delivery cost) In game name is same as here Regards, Remete