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  1. I probably started playing roughly four years ago and even back then he was talking about adding bridges and multistory houses. If that's the case, don't hold your breath.
  2. I want to start by saying that I've been away from the game for roughly two years now, so if something like this has been mentioned I apologize, but I saw nothing when doing a cursory search of the forums. Anywho, I was perusing as I was considering pre-purchasing another game and I noticed they had a Free-to-Play games section. Curious, I checked it out only to discover that games that many of you may be familiar with already were there like Flyff, Rappelz, and Runescape to name only a few. So it occured to me, if they can do it, why not Wurm? Now it seems that these games will offer promotions through Amazon, like special ingame items or upgrades for purchase. I think Wurm would be able to do something like this without becoming a micro-transaction game that rewards players who pay more by simply allowing gold to be purchased through Amazon or to sell old Christmas gift convenience items (Sculpting Wand comes to mind). Like I said, this was an idea I had while browsing the site and I can't attest to what Amazon would get from transactions through its site or basically any financial figures, but if the numbers are reasonable, it seems like a good possibility to draw some attention to a very niche game. Link to Amazon's Free-to-Play game section:
  3. Powerplay Manager It's a sports management simulator. If you've never played one, you start with a low level team and build them up over time, through purchasing players and/or training existing ones on your team. You are also responsible for hiring staff members and improving team facilities and the arena. It helps to at least be decent at math, since you need to keep your books balanced. Best of all, it's free. Naturally there are paid options that open up more aspects to you or just make some aspects easier, but it's possible to play the game perfectly adequately without paying. I've been playing for a couple months now. It doesn't require a steep time investment and it's pretty fun imo. Currently they support football (soccer for the Americans like me) and hockey teams, but they have plans for many more sports in the future. If you're interested and you have questions post here and I'll try to check the thread and answer what I can. I only have a hockey team, but there are a lot of parallels between the two sports in terms of the management aspects. P.S.- If you sign up, please do it through the link provided above. Yes, I get credit when you do. 8)
  4. The entire body of water should just be called "The Inner Sea". No to calling it a sea. It's not large enough to be a sea. It's a lake for sure. The entire map is only 256 square km. Lake Ontario, the smallest of the great lakes, has a surface area of 18,960 square kilometers.
  5. I certainly can agree with this, and certainly not skill resets at the end of each map. If that's case I definitely will not be playing on Epic. There is no game in existence that resets skills or stats at a certain point. Players should be rewarded for playing, not penalized. I thought ATiTD did just that?
  6. Pretty sure this is the point I was making before about the current raiding situation (though said in less detail) when you were asking people in the barracks why they bothered speaking to me because I'm on Freedom.
  7. When I click on land about a tile in front of the boat to disembark, I cannot move from that tile. It's fixed by re-embarking on the boat and clicking on the boat to disembark. Slightly annoying nonetheless.
  8. Don't think they ever controlled it (if they did I'd be quite surprised as VH would have had to be slumbering for months). They had a deed up past IS that fought with Waterworks. They may have had a deed by VH, but I don't recall one. Think that's the closest they got other than whatever they may have by VH now.
  9. I will be attending the impalong. Now that I have moved into my new place irl and settled down at my new job I expect to be on Wurm more often again.
  10. I'm just confused by the OP in general. Isn't the statement he's quoting from months back? Why make a bitchy forum thread about it now?
  11. Freedom market isn't exactly 5 minutes away for me. Considering I won't be able to get on until a good 3+ hours after the event, would anyone care to post the information in the graveyard here and save me the (possibly unnecessary) trip?
  12. Although this appeared to have been fixed awhile back, it has re-emerged. I know [Fixed] wasn't appended to it, but haven't seen it in months until now.
  13. Instead of cutting out half of this thread because it was pure idiocy or quoting pure idiocy to mock the poster, why not just send the whole thing to the abyss and make Gavin's post, the only one that actually contributes to the supposed "intent" of the thread (much more so than the OP ever could), its own thread?
  14. Poor Nosyt has been trying to post in here forever. Won't you all just let her post without having to review it every time? Won't somebody think of the children?