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  1. Curious how much this account would be worth. Currently a Tosiek priest(no transfer) and has +5 cast power from journal. Probably willing to sell for the right offer. Level 12 Path of Insanity(free path switch) Tomes: Smoke of Sol, Libram of the Night, Slime of Uttacha, Green Tome You have 120509 karma, how would you like to spend it?
  2. IIRC I had some issues with meals with the same ingredients giving different length timer. I think it was so that meals with complex ingredients added first had low affinity timer and meals with the complex ingredient had high affinity timer. So try adding the most complex ingredient last and see what result you get. For example(though this specific meal overflows and gives negative affinity timer, but that's most likely an unrelated bug).
  3. IIRC timeSinceLastUsed is only reset when picking up the chest.
  4. So then it's just the Twitter that's broken.
  5. The hota on Chaos was won even if it shouldn't have been won judging by the Twitter messages. Links to the Twitter messages in the order they were capped 8:44 AM - 12 Aug 2019 Neowyn has claimed Battle Camp Bear for Apocalypse Order! 8:44 AM - 12 Aug 2019 Kassadin has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Apocalypse Order! 12:08 PM - 12 Aug 2019 Xsamuraizx has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Wurm University! 3:49 AM - 13 Aug 2019 Sleepys has claimed Battle Camp Dragon for Apocalypse Order! 4:57 AM - 13 Aug 2019 Kassadin has claimed Battle Camp Champion for Apocalypse Order! 4:57 AM - 13 Aug 2019 Apocalypse Order has captured battle camps Archer, Bear, Champion, and Dragon to secure victory! So AO completed the hota even though Archer was owned by WU.
  6. As the title says insanity teleport can and has been used several times to escape death when fighting players of the same kingdom. Combat and event logs of it being used in the MR civil war on Elevation: [22:10:25] Edlardo cuts Rage deadly hard in the right calf and damages it. [22:10:28] You try to cut Rage. [22:10:31] You try to move into position to target the upper center parts of Rage. [22:10:31] Rage regains his bearings. [22:10:32] You move into position for the upper center parts of Rage. [22:10:32] Rage skillfully evades the blow to the head. [22:10:32] Bloodyhell cuts Rage deadly hard in the stomach and harms it. [22:10:34] You cut Rage deadly hard in the left shoulder and damage it. [22:10:34] Dark stripes spread along your sickle from Rage's armour. You feel drained. [22:10:39] You try to cut Rage. [22:10:43] You try to cut Rage. [22:10:44] You aim to push Rage over with your shield. [22:10:45] Bloodyhell cuts Rage deadly hard in the left underarm and harms it. [22:10:46] Rage shuts his eyes, dreaming away.
  7. Same thing with the influence from battlecamps. Even if the battlecamp disappears by winning the new hota the influence stays.
  8. Seems to depend a lot on your setup. With a Logitech G402 and Windows 7 I had no issues at all. Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and it started happening. That was with stable client, switched to preview client and everything was fine. Then I switched to a Corsair Ironclaw and it started happening again, both on stable and preview client. Currently using Linux Mint with a Logitech M325 and happens sometimes on stable, but preview client is completely unplayable, happens on every camera movement.
  9. +1 to adjusting the spawn times. Though 18 or 30 hours apart would result in it spawning in only 4 different times of the day(for example, 3pm, 9pm, 3am, 9am). Would be more interesting to have it spawn 19 or 31 hours apart, that way it would spawn during all times of the day, but you wouldn't be stuck to one timezone for a week either. Though since they're often not capped as soon as they spawn it would probably be fine with doing 18 or 30 hours apart too.