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  1. Kix doesnt have crafting skills though.
  2. +1
  3. You'd get Witch Doctor.
  4. Started: 2018-03-09 00:05 Description: Libila demands you to slay the traitor champion Octopus seen fleeing from Valrei to these lands. It was last spotted in the northwest regions. A guy in my alliance found the traitor, attempted to kill it, but had to back off to heal. When he got back to the spot where it was the traitor was gone. I went out a while later to the place and found a corpse of the traitor. Right clicking the corpse just gives "Refreshing...". The mission is still not completed even if the traitor seems to be dead.
  5. Its intended that you don't get skill ticks for every success. It's same thing as ores having to be between ql 1-40 to give skillgain.
  6. There should be a lot of horses on the steppe nearby, could try to look there.
  7. Updated the thread with location.
  8. Linton area, slightly inland
  9. I will be hosting a public slaying of the white dragon on Saturday 3rd March 8 PM GMT. Skull, meat, tooth and the eye is public loot, the rest will be private. Welcome to get blood(blacksmithing potion), scale and a chance for skull or animal parts. Location is Xanadu K14 [21:09:30] This is within the village of Snow White And The Seven Dragonslayers.
  10. Send a picnic basket to Robz.
  11. Cod the drake hide to Robz
  12. 50c for huge sword bracelet? Cod to Robz if you accept.
  13. 12s on set 2
  14. I should think i could get around 4-5000 meats gathered from my FSB's

  15. I'll can sell for 2s