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  1. WTB Vinegar

    I'm looking to buy a barrel or two of decent ql vinegar. PM me if you have some.
  2. If you don't reconnect you will have a bugged position on other mounts too, here is a how it looks when riding a horse
  3. Wurmiversary 2018

    Found this thing a while ago on Independence, it might be related to the Wurmiversary. All of them are called sigil, except one of them that's called relic(sigil) as in the picture. The relic was blessed by Nahjo(no idea if it was a player or not), tried blessing the other ones, nothing happened. Tried investigating and fishing too. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share. Looks very similar to the symbol for
  4. Seryll breastplate 85ql

  5. Mystery Tile

    I got that message once too. Key didnt work, was told in GL to put in a support ticket. I did that and received a sleep powder. It was around 2 months ago.
  6. Ill give you 5s for the ql97 rare knife. Cod to Xsamuraizx if you accept.
  7. Wurmiversary 2018

    I'm unsure if those places in the images in the Valrei International posts actually exist on any server. Made a program that checked the map dumps for a place that looks like #6(mine entrance with a cobble road leading up to it, slab(or rock) tile 2 tiles right from the entrance and surrounded by grass/trees). Found no places that actually look like that, so I'd say the images aren't directly related to the location of the tomb.
  8. [Bug] Able to kill players on freedom

    IIRC there has always been a bug with archery and spars, thought it was on the wiki but I can't find it atm.
  9. WTB Champion/greenish troll

    Looking to buy a champion or a greenish troll. I would prefer if you would have a priest for dominating, but if that's not possible I may be able to loan a priest for doing it.
  10. I completed the 5000 trees personal goal using only orangewood sprouts. [00:31:06] You have received 500 karma for 'Plant 5000 trees'. I planted, cut down and repeated. All of the sprouts were orangewood. "You plant the sprout." (5001 hits in 7 files) "You start to cut down the Orange tree." (4927 hits in 8 files) (Didnt cut down the last batch)
  11. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Sign me(Xsamuraizx) up for whatever is needed, can do everything except bowyery, toymaking and pottery.
  12. PC/WTS Scroll of Binding

    Sold/pending transaction. Please close.
  13. PC/WTS Scroll of Binding

    Looking to sell a scroll of binding. I have 3 charges, can sell them either separately or all 3 charges at once. PM me with offers [15:02:15] A parchment roll inscribed with symbols that glow faintly as you eye them. You have a hard time refraining from reading as you feel that it will change your inner being. It has 3 charges left. Spell granted: Karma Slow (Slows Attack Speed) Resistance: Crush 15% (Decreases crush damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Slash 10% (Increases slash damage taken by 10%)
  14. The Screenshots Thread

    WTB a huge bomb