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  1. Some enchants like Corrosion are still missing from the item hover. Also, dispelling an enchant from an item doesn't update the hover window.
  2. 9s and someone can buy everything but the ring from me for a decent price.
  3. Afaik it seems to always hit the first one in alphabetical order if both are in range.
  4. That's the intended mechanic of venom. From the wiki: " Wounds caused by this enchantment bypass the glancing effect of armour. " Edit: NVM misunderstood, but afaik theres a 5% base glance rate that is intended even with venom.
  5. They can be placed with the menu option, it's in the move subsection.
  6. Some items can't be placed using the new place keybind, for example trebuchets. Probably some other items too.
  7. When trying to cast any karma spell buff(Truestrike for example) as a Tosiek priest on a Mag priest: [13:16:45] Tosiek would never help the infidel Bloodyhell. This used to be broken for normal spells too but was fixed with the priest overhaul last year IIRC: [13:17:10] You cast Bearpaws on Bloodyhell.
  8. That's the halloween stuff, both trolls and goblins have a slight glow atm.
  9. The refresh spell doesn't restore food and water in case that's what you're expecting. It simply fills your stamina bar.
  10. I'd give you 3s for the shaker orb, cod to Xsamuraizx if you accept.
  11. IIRC I had some issues with meals with the same ingredients giving different length timer. I think it was so that meals with complex ingredients added first had low affinity timer and meals with the complex ingredient had high affinity timer. So try adding the most complex ingredient last and see what result you get. For example(though this specific meal overflows and gives negative affinity timer, but that's most likely an unrelated bug).
  12. IIRC timeSinceLastUsed is only reset when picking up the chest.