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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    +1 to doing something about Scorn of Lib. Pretty much requires you to be surrounded by enemies for it to be effective. And it would be great it if would prioritize bigger wounds or the most wounded players, here's a video that shows it pretty well, instead of healing the guy at dying it heals me for less than 4% health and probably some horse. Even though this was without enemies nearby it should really work better than that.
  2. Missing Keybinds

    Fillet does have a keybind, "bind f filet".
  3. [Fixed] Can't drink from container

    It seems like it works in inventory if you have nothing activated, but once you activate something you no longer get the option.
  4. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Add Xsamuraizx to Holy Crop, 63 prayer atm
  5. [Fixed] Can't drink from container

    Drink is missing in the right click menu when right clicking a container, afaik it started with today's update. Edit: Just noticed it was already reported here
  6. Niarja - Wurm Online Live Server Data & Skill Compare

    The list of slayers on killed uniques seems to not be in alphabetical order, is that intended?
  7. A New Elevation

    Keeping elevation separated from the homeservers for some time would be a good idea imo. Would make things a lot more interesting in the beginning.
  8. Affinities in non-action-based skills

    I have gotten affinities in several non-action-based skills. The ones I remember are HFC, baking, aggressive fighting, defensive fighting and shields.
  9. Ritual of the Sun

    I'd love to join. Not mag atm but I'd use a /transfer just so I can stop worrying about getting the goal done.
  10. Improve the Battle Rank System!

    From what I've seen in the code and game the Warrior achievment has nothing to do with the Warrior title. So it seems like the wiki is wrong. [16:20:54] Rank=1035, Max Rank=1038 I also don't have the Warrior title even though I have the achievment.
  11. Improve the Battle Rank System!

    +1 to improving the battle rank system. The Warrior achievment has nothing with the battlerank/title to do. You get one for ever 50 kills(Just killed a man achievment).
  12. Call to arms for Libila and BL priests for sermons at TDM

    Ill probably come over some day soon. 93 faith and I'd like to link in the cast once it's available.
  13. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    It's not always just a troll. What if you have a dragon on you and trying to get it down from a mountain to slay it. With the low stamina you'll have when using a refresh rune you'll probably have around 30s use timer for that, which is easily enough time for any unique to get a hit on you to interrupt the action. Refresh spell isn't an option either with the 3 minute cooldown it has.
  14. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    Some of them are not a rounding issue atleast. Either you plant a tree or you don't, can't really plant 99% of a tree