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  1. Sign me up for heavyweight, ingame name is Robz.
  2. 2 hatchets and 2 pickaxes to Robz please
  3. I'm looking to buy a drake hide set. Any color and ql is fine. Preferrably unenchanted or WA but will consider AoSP too for the right price. PM me with offers
  4. If you open the skilldump file youll find somehting like Body strength: 30.0 35.812355 0 If you change that to Body strength: 35.812355 35.812355 0 and upload it it will show the right value.
  5. Great idea, +1
  6. Would you be able to update the Combat Assistant stats thing with the new shield parrying messages? Used to be [15:26:18] X tries to maul you but you raise your shield and parry. Now it is [23:03:23] You raise your shield and parry against X's maul.
  7. +1
  8. +1
  9. 2.5s
  10. Looking to get a bit more.
  11. Sent.
  12. Cod to Ciray?
  13. Got an offer for 10s for saddle.
  14. Looking to sell these items. PM me offers or post here.