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  1. Wurm VR? Edit: Samool also just posted:
  2. Java Chromium Embedded Framework Helper doesn't shut down when the Wurm client is closed. Uses 27% CPU on an Intel i5 9600K on Windows 10. Steps to reproduce: Open client -> open ingame wiki -> close client without closing wiki -> jcef_helper.exe in Wurm Online\jcef-natives CPU usage should then spike up.
  3. +1 would be really nice to know what happens without needing to stay logged in 24/7 for the death tabs.
  4. Here's a small bug that's been annoying me for some time now. Moving mouse outside the client window makes the mouse hover thing appear in the top left corner of the client for a short time, more noticeable at lower FPS. Client version 4.2.19(f56def8). Video showing the problem:
  5. +1, I don't want to be forced to play as a priest over on PVE servers and not be able to even build a deed for myself just because I choose to priest up on the PVP server. If this change is just because you can grind channeling more efficiently by being one faith one one server for one set of spells and another on the other for another set of spells to fill the gaps in good grinding spells maybe channeling shouldn't cross over.
  6. Can any dev explain why favor regen is ~65% slower without even being mentioned in the patch notes. No idea if this has been mentioned anywhere but feels like this deserves it's own topic. This is unlinked, same CCFP, same faith, nothing changed other than the game being patched. Before the patch: ~3 favor in 63 seconds(~4-5 seconds between ticks) After the patch: ~3 favor in 104 seconds(~7-8s between ticks)
  7. Some enchants like Corrosion are still missing from the item hover. Also, dispelling an enchant from an item doesn't update the hover window.
  8. 9s and someone can buy everything but the ring from me for a decent price.
  9. Afaik it seems to always hit the first one in alphabetical order if both are in range.
  10. That's the intended mechanic of venom. From the wiki: " Wounds caused by this enchantment bypass the glancing effect of armour. " Edit: NVM misunderstood, but afaik theres a 5% base glance rate that is intended even with venom.
  11. They can be placed with the menu option, it's in the move subsection.
  12. Some items can't be placed using the new place keybind, for example trebuchets. Probably some other items too.
  13. When trying to cast any karma spell buff(Truestrike for example) as a Tosiek priest on a Mag priest: [13:16:45] Tosiek would never help the infidel Bloodyhell. This used to be broken for normal spells too but was fixed with the priest overhaul last year IIRC: [13:17:10] You cast Bearpaws on Bloodyhell.