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  1. Winner at 6.2g.Thanks for the bidding everyone and congrats Synjor.
  2. 3 days left to get one of wurm's rarest and no longer obtainable items!
  3. Man, that is really tempting Ciray, but deed tokens unfortunately don't accept thoughtful memories.
  4. Starting bid: 4g Increment (minimum): 10s Buyout: NA Sniper Protection: 2 hour Private Bids: No Current Bid: Synjor - 4g
  5. Farewell Old UI lookin real good new UI...come here often?
  6. My attraction to PvP (especially full loot) games has always been the sense of community it builds among its members. Its more of a struggle to survive in a competitive environment and that usually bands players together in a effort to bring each other up. A lot of the times you are only as strong as your weakest link in these styles of play. I have never seen so many things given away or resources shared, etc as I have when playing with a group of dedicated group who share a common goal. Which is ironic because we often get labeled as the exact opposite. - Balance is absolutely possible in a open world pvp setting, it just needs to be actively evaluated and tweaked and changed with the times and the decisions need to be made by people who understand the PvP mechanics. It is hard to implement mechanics that cater to both play styles. I don't think its possible to do this. - PvE will almost never produce the same team working results as PvP will because of the lack or urgency in a more laid back PvE settings. - PvE will never be able to replicate what a PvP player seeks. You might grab a portion of the population but not the entirety.
  7. We are talking about all this on a much larger scale considering steam release. It will be a nightmare to enforce RMT just like it is a pain in other games. Policy will be posted, GMs will investigate, some will get caught, others will not. Getting onto steam requires it, so it becomes policy. Of course it can never be 100% enforced in this game or any other.
  8. I always wondered why permissions could not be set on a trader. Too hard to code? I know nothing about this. I do know it has always been pretty lame that we had to lock up traders in buildings specifically designed to protect them from others. I have also been curious why so many people don't do this though and continuously have their traders drained.
  9. Yea, that is without a doubt the way I would prefer to play. It is why I always tried to play on PvP gives people a sense of community and purpose. But your not going to force people into that mindset. A lot of people play to shape their own place in the world.
  10. Are you kidding me? Although I don't mind living in a large communal dead, that is certainly not why most of the people play this game. lol
  11. Who is to say that we are all gold farmers and purchased accounts? 1 brand new player might last a month...a lot of us have been loyal to this game for many years, like myself. Obviously your not going to please everyone and I DO agree with some of these changes from a business standpoint...but when you make drastic changes to a game that effect many people who have carried this game with their subscription...yes carried, population has dropped off dramatically. I've kept premium up for awhile even when not playing as a show of support...well...yeah...time will tell I guess.
  12. Later everyone. Its been fun. Not looking to continue on WO servers which I have no faith in anymore. Also not looking to start over yet AGAIN! I already did that when I moved from epic and got my skills on freedom to the same level...right around the time of epic skill transfer that I was told would never happen. While I don't disagree with some of the changes, I feel like we have all been test subjects in a game that should have been labeled as still being in Alpha. Good luck moving forward. I wont stay on WO servers when I know there are tons of people on another server and there is no way I can invest the time I have already invested over the last 7 years....again.
  13. Trusted friend and long time neighbor. Always keeps his lawn trimmed. Recommended seller.