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  1. Trusted friend and long time neighbor. Always keeps his lawn trimmed. Recommended seller.
  2. We are a active community/alliance and are looking to expand our membership. New and old players welcome. Our main deed is located on Exodus but we have deeds on all servers and like to travel often. We travel in search of legendary creatures, to help on building projects and to lend a hand to fellow adventurers when needed. All skill levels welcome. New to Wurm Online? We will help you EFFECTIVELY train your character. Old school vet? Come help get these rookies on their feet! A good community is what we feel Wurm is all about. Come build with us! PM Manik for more information.
  3. CLOSE

    exquisite should pad, leather. COD to Manik please.
  4. Wand purchased, please close!
  5. PayPal verified or can pay in silvers. Also have tomes for trade.
  6. Bump, now paying in silver as well.
  7. bump, still looking!
  8. Looking for a single charge. I am paypal verified with references. Can also pay in silver.
  9. WTB Silver Coins

    Still looking, will take small amounts too.
  10. Looking to purchase silver coins. Can take up to 5 gold. PayPal verified.
  11. close

    I'll take all 3