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  1. CLOSE

    exquisite should pad, leather. COD to Manik please.
  2. WTB Wand of the Sea

    Wand purchased, please close!
  3. WTB Wand of the Sea

    PayPal verified or can pay in silvers. Also have tomes for trade.
  4. WTB Scroll of Binding

    Bump, now paying in silver as well.
  5. WTB Scroll of Binding

    bump, still looking!
  6. WTB Scroll of Binding

    Looking for a single charge. I am paypal verified with references. Can also pay in silver.
  7. WTB Silver Coins

  8. WTB Silver Coins

    Still looking, will take small amounts too.
  9. WTB Silver Coins

    Looking to purchase silver coins. Can take up to 5 gold. PayPal verified.
  10. WTS Black tome

    I'll take 1
  11. close

    I'll take all 3
  12. WTS 1 Gold

    Sold, please close.
  13. WTS 1 Gold

    1 Gold for sale (100 silver) 100 Euro or 115 USD via PayPal
  14. Rare Knarr & some rares

    Knarr dropped to 30s.