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  1. Cancelled yet again. Apparently the cast is broken once more.
  2. Bump! 6 hours to the event. Pack your bags priests!
  3. Timer added as per your request. Thank you for providing the timer link good sir.
  4. You speak in strange riddles good man. Let's talk in-game about how this is done.
  5. Really? It's written in 3 timezones in the first post.
  6. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/79444-rite-of-spring-will-be-cast-on-saturday-11-may/page-2#entry803689
  7. Lockedbob 70FS - Huge Axe
  8. The cast is working again. Empty those SB bars and bring your priests for the cast.
  9. Yeah I should be on at that time and hopefully I'll have my priest there by that hour so there's no loss I suppose. See you there. While we're at it does anyone else have any attendance problems?
  10. You added the merchant icon but it is a trader. Just a minor fix whenever you have time.
  11. Time and date are now set in stone. The best location was chosen as marianople as it is closest to pristine attendees. I think we're done. If anyone has any objections feel free to speak.
  12. Crap... I'm going on a trip to the mountains that weekend. If it can take place the weekend before or after I can attend. Otherwise sigh and good luck! 2H Axe wielder here.