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  1. Removing Epic entirely would be my alternative. You are right of course with the pop being spread thin as it is. Nevertheless splitting north and south was a good idea as it gave everyone a fresh start. Yes people rushed to high skill levels as soon as they could and i'm sure some cheated. We've entered an age where people have mastered the know-how on how to skill up, especially with the WU codebase giving out any secret that might have been. Of course some hardcore players abused the initial rush to made hunderds of silvers selling the first few horses and high QL tools. That is all part of having a "mature" playerbase. However the load of newbies that didn't quit after the pisspoor early performance, all those newbies got the chance to experience the initial landrush. They got to explore actual lands not half flattened or littered with junk. They didn't get showered with cheap tools discouraging from smithing it themselves. A fresh start for the NFI and keeping it seperated from the southern isles was the best idea ever. The few that do complain about that are all part of the original playerbase that have extremely high skills and gear. Even there most were perfectly happy to start over and fresh in a new community. The same needs to happen for Epic, and this time a reset should properly be done after a while. Just as was intended for Epic from the start. Sure people will cheat and macro, sure some people will rush to high skill levels. However the intial rush will attract a lot of people and will provide loads of fun and intense playtime. Overall the experience will be a blast. Letting people keep their high skill levels will ruin that much quicker. I'm sorry if you have a toon with stats or decided to join late, but it's just not going to work out for you. One last note: Cheating is a whole different problem, bringing it up as an excuse against a server wipe is a very poor argument. It's also a completely different subject. Cheating absolutely has been a massive problem on Defiance and NFI, and really needs adressing. Wurm's anti-cheat is sadly non-existant or at least extremely easy to bypass. Sadly considering the changes Defiance brought and the updates it got, I very much doubt this will change in the near-future.
  2. It was my understanding that the skill transfer existed purely to let people transfer away from Epic, not start playing on it. I'm absolutely fine with just transfering these people to Freedom and then restarting everything. The end result is still the same, Epic gets a full reset. Comparing Deliverance to Epic is not how it works. Epic from the start was meant to get a reset once in a while, however this never happened in the end. This is the same reason why Epic actually died later on. Things simply got stale and the skillgap got far too large. All those changes tacked on later just made it worse. Just resetting items + map on Epic will do nothing. Those high end accounts will just pump out 90ql tools in the first week and dominate the actual newbies, is that what you really want? That is also not what made Epic so fun in the beginning. Not to mention, those hunderds of euro's don't apply to Epic. An item is worth as much as somoene is willing to pay for it. Those items on Epic have no more value left in them. Same thing on Defiance, there is no economy and items don't have the same value to them as on Freedom. Again, the only solution is to wipe it all out and start over. What happens to the remaining people does not matter, but they can't stay on Epic and expect to keep their gear/skills
  3. As i've mentioned before the only way Epic could get traction again is if it got a restart and was fully seperated from the other servers. No skill and item transfers. For those wondering: The current portal system where most skills pass over from Freedom to Defiance is one of the major reasons why Defiance is close to dying already. There is zero incentive for people to actually stay and grind on Defiance, which has no economy and is far less comfortable to grind on than Freedom is. Epic solves this problem with it's homeservers, which offer relative safety and a bit of excitement for casual players. However Epic will only be able to succeed if it gets a full rewind. Those who currently play on Epic should get booted to Freedom or simply skill/item wiped and that should be it. I'm sorry if that's harsh to the few that still play, but they had the chance to migrate in the past when Epic was on life-support.
  4. There was a lovely suggestion at some point about splitting up weaponsmithing into several skills for different weapon types. The skills together being the same difficulty as weaponsmithing is currently as a whole. That would surely spice things up. Let me do 5 meditation attempts in a row per day instead of having to wait thirty minutes between one. I always miss those annoying timers.
  5. The current p2p model is an old relic not fit for this time, you are absolutely correct on that. This game is already extremely niche and adding a prem system on top of that is beyond foolish. That said your suggestion is not a solution either. While placing focus on a combination of land ownership & skins + cosmetics is likely the way to go, adding another pointless convulated currency system is not. Wurm will absolutely need changes in it's prem system to help it survive long term. This just isn't the one.
  6. I was going to -1 you and complain about pvp balance, but pets are pretty damn useless in pvp as it currently is. 10+1 is far too much however. What about 50-70-90 (3 max) and basing it on animal taming. Or heck, we can go even a step further and base the limit on the creature CR. Something like (Taming/2)/Animal CR Lots of fun stuff we can do here!
  7. I'm one of those lucky ones who have a stealing affinity on freedom. I agree that affinities can use some fixing.
  8. So this thread has been going for a while and we haven't really seen many patches in the last half year regarding pvp or in general even. Is there any news on a patch? @DarklordsPeople would probably appreciate it if we had a general idea when a new patch will arrive. Why not. People right now either log their valuables off or simply don't have any; all the grinding happens on freedom. Without portals it's a lot less convenient to store stuff on freedom. Sailing back and forth takes time after all. It also adds some value to the items on Defiance, since Defiance will get an actual economy. Even less reason to move over to freedom that way.
  9. What a simple solution to an annoying problem for priests. I love it! +1
  10. Sure, switch it between wood/metal shieldsmithing. Two completely different things. That would make perfect sense.
  11. I like this, it'll make weapon smithing less of a massive pain and makes a lot of sense. For those who already have weaponsmithing: Just give them spread out points in the subskills if implemented. If done well they wouldn't even notice the change. Huge: +1
  12. Hunting is superior on Defiance, far more creatures and you get sleep powder occasionly. People hunting on Freedom have no clue what they are missing. The problem here is as you said, people grind on freedom and have their skills/tools/gear there. Why rebuild on Defiance? Portals are to blame here, they should never have been the main linking method. I agree with this. There is no economy on Defiance whatsoever. Of course the overall playstyle differs, and gear is shared within a kingdom/allliance. However even outside that an economy should exist. I think this is largely due to the fact that there are no real homelands for the kingdoms. It's nothing like Epic was, where you had many "carebears" playing on the homeservers. Those "carebears" kept the economy going and helped the servers stay alive. Not to mention those same "carebears" actually got to try pvp on occasion since they had the means and opportunity to do so. The use of portals again is to blame here, as is the lack of proper homelands. The starter islands are absolutely useless here. On a different note: I feel that the early towerrush also hurt the initial population. Not being able to deed on starter because there was no tower early on was dumb as hell and absolutely not thought out. Coupled with people not even being able to spawn on Defiance from the get go helped put the final nail in the coffin before the server even started. There's a serious lack of fresh blood on Defiance and it's a massive pity. The only solution I see for now is to link Defiance to freedom and to straight up remove the portals. Yes this will anger people who like to hop over to no tomorrow, but it will help the overall health of Defiance as curious Pve'ers might actually be inclined to visit Defiance. Even if just for a hunting trip; due to the promise of sleep powder drops. It would also link the economy of Freedom and Defiance and give Defiance an actual economy to boot. The benefits gained would be huge.
  13. You are trying to compare Wurm to cookie-cutter MMO #2838. Shame on you for even trying to do that. Wurm plays nothing like your average mmo. Yes in these MMO's you want your instant gratification and to quickly sell whatever boss you loot you might have gotten, which then quickly drops in price as the market gets saturated and a new boss gets added. Wurm is a slow game, where you slowly get your skills, village and gear up. Travelling is part of that experience. Localized selling is part of that experience too. If you want your gear cheaper you travel to the center, get the skills needed yourself or just cough up that 20 extra copper. Letting people warp around like that would destroy that experience and remove any form of isolation/wildernis experience Wurm has. Regardless if they have to "explore" the area first. Not just that, but we technically already have a method to get people to teleport. Summon Soul is a thing. Why not pay (or just ask) somoene to have you summoned there? And if that's too much, people build road networks for a reason. If you want something done in Wurm you have to either pay or work for it. Teleportation networks, auction houses and whatever have no business being in Wurm. -1