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  1. This is the biggest nonsense i've read so far. Using an alt won't magically allow you to see people everywhere. You have to search/scan for people like normal. They won't act as some kind of local box. You are also forgetting that you have to move the alt somewhere, probably across the map to set him up to spy. You will also need a second screen or work with tiny client windows. All of it ruined by two arrows if the alt gets spotted. Worst case scenario is that somoene sets a few alts up on a deed and uses a seperate screen to simulate some sort of camera security system. If that's a major issue just force some status effect on people who have been afk for a few minutes, causing their screens to "freeze" with an effect till they move again.
  2. That can work, but I personally don't see the issue with the complaints in this thread. Apperantly Challenge is an alt fest, but that is likely due to the skillgain + starting skills there. On Epic, proper skilling is still needed and so is proper gearing. Those alts will never be a big threat, and bassicly are walking loot bags if they come geared. The only issue that remains are griefing alts, those have always existed and more will potentially be created if ele were f2p. That issue can be solved by proper moderation: Ban such people where it hurts, give their main accounts a ban as a proper warning. I keep pushing for a f2p ele because it always comes down to the same problem when attempting to recruit new people in the past. We get 10-40 people in our group chat, they are all happy and such. The first bunch quits due to the fact that their machines simply can't handle wurm. The second bunch doesn't like the game in itself. However the largest bunch who does enjoy the game ussualy quits because they can't do anything as a f2p and aren't convinced or simply refuse to pay the premium fee. Will these people magically spend money on the cashshop and more deeds? Yes some will, some won't. People will pool money together to start a place of their own. Yet some will never bother paying a penny for the game. That however is not a bad thing, what they do instead is increase your playerbase. They populate your world, cause for more battles and events. Presence of such people will attract new players who are willing to spend money on the game. This is why many mmo's straight out state that their free to play playerbase is extremely important. Do not forget that. Anyway just my ideas.
  3. Just chiming in here, hearing about this thread. Haven't played for a while since things became stale. Whatever you do, don't alter the skillgains. You changed your idea about epic once when deciding not to reset. Now people have spend lots of time on raising their skills, expecting their hard work to be rewarding and stay rewarding. Altering it now is out of the question. And even then, with the curve and all, the skillgain is completely fair in my opinion. Treasure chests can be fun, reward roaming. A spawn depot can work aswell, holding it rewarding you with high quality processed ores or something. Do however, if you want to be bold: -Consider turning ele open for f2p. While either keep the skillcap the same, making it higher or outright removing it. -Restarting elevation with a new larger map, while removing the homeservers. If needed add some natural barriers to help protect those who prefered living on homeservers. -Make sure the new island has many rivers deep rivers flowing through it, promoting both naval and foot combat. -Alter the way local works, perhaps lower the range enemies show up, or remove it entirely. -Have people with <20fs show up in a different color in local and when hovered over with the mouse. -Alternatively: have people with <20fs who wander in enemy lands no be capable of seeing who is in local. Edit: been too long, I forgot that spy alts ussualy are the same kingdom. But if local were to dissapear spy alts would be no concern. -implement the various toys that are currently in challenge -change the hota scoring system so EVERYONE participating is rewarded, whetever you die or not. If money is a concern: Jack up deed prices/guard prices. Relying on premium doesn't work well these days in the fully f2p dominated market. You already have a cashshop and moneydraining deeds anyway, luring fresh blood and keeping them is far more important. Just my two coppers.
  4. Good for Rolf his wallet, and has absolutely no drawbacks. So yeah +1
  5. I thought the 50 taunting skill title was "Annoying" Atleast that's what I have.
  6. No -1 It's fine as it is. If you want to start changing spells like that, balance everything instead.
  7. How dare you not recognize the great Santropez. I heard it's sunny there this time of the year. Now for the more important question. WHO ARE YOU? Also +1 and a bump
  8. I think it should be openly discussed The initial idea is great, but the balance seems to be way off.
  9. Yes, and give it a chance to inflict poison wounds. Gives farmers salve more use for freedom players.
  10. I've done a bit of shooting, but not as much. It's what I've been taught in that time. Afcoarse could have been that the teacher in question didn't know what he was talking about. But a quick google search gives me the same results.
  11. Because everyone here uses the same name as they use ingame.
  12. Neither. Its based on the way you use your eyes. if your left eye leads, you hold the bow in your right hand and vica versa.
  13. Im for it. Add in the mentioned tree types, and allow people to do a one time wood type change on their bows. Variation is nice.