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  1. I feel like this route is the way to go. That way being a priest stays a rather unique experience, but comes with pvp downsides. I'd love to see priests being limited to cloth/leather armor. People would actually have to bother making the stuff. Meanwhile priests can do all the imping they want and essentially aren't cut out of half the game.
  2. So in a nutshell: People can go from south to north HOWEVER: 1. They lose their skills. 2. They lose their inventories But: 1. They keep their name. 2. They keep their premium. 3. They keep their silver. +1 from me. But please format your post a little better.
  3. This one is neat but will mess with anyone who wants to bring a pet along. Just stop with the terrible RNG when it comes to horse traits. It has no reason to exist. Just have it always on. +1
  4. At start of the new northern servers a lot of things went wrong. People could not log in, servers were laggy etc. This is the compensation for that time. I do hope that we compensation in (non tradable) sleep powder.
  5. Bumping this once more. There's zero reason that we can't combine leather, or at the very least turn a hide into a leather in a single craft. It makes no sense that crafting leather reduces the hide weight, instead of converting the whole thing. This is a much needed QoL change.
  6. Yes +1. Reality is that Epic is essentially dead, besides a few hardcore players . Any newbie who goes there is going to be a lost cause. Remove Epic and Chaos from the spawn board, if players want to go there they can make a portal/sail.
  7. 1. Yes sure, makes full sense for players to be able to use a tower for observation. 2. Being a little paranoid are we? Sure, but instead bind it to a deed. We already have deed twitter alarms for pvp. A deed log for both pvp and pve works fine with me. Have it trigger when people enter perimeter, gives the perimeter option much more use. +1 for a change
  8. That's a neat idea, but it goes too much against the lore/setting if you ask me. In the end the differences between WL & BL keeps things much fresher. It helps making people think that they are part of their group and have it call their roots. I'm aware that it makes things harder to balance, but it's also far more fun this way. To give an example of a game where they followed your path: Look at Planetside 2. Originally that game had very diverse factions. With the release of the second game that got reduced, but still had differences. As the years progressed one update after another slowly pushed the factions in similarity. Now factions have many similar functions and weapons and things are a lot more stale. Not to mention: Faction loyality is barely a thing anymore. I'd hate to see Wurm go down the same path. Keep it unique, keep it fresh. Edit: Great idea. That will promote play on the pvp servers. People can still fetch their rites from pve, but spend it on the pvp server instead. Good thinking.
  9. +1 Providing marks instead of plain SB is a great idea. People value sleep bonus in different ways, and wih marks there is far more to choose from. Concerning the worries around people being able to crash the market with SB: I did do a suggestion on untradable sleeping bonus here: But perhaps the better question to ask is if the loyality shop should provide sleeping powder in the first place. Have the mark shop give straight up sleep bonus instead. That will prevent any market dumping.
  10. This suggestions is eh. I won't -1 it, but it's so low on the priority list i'm not going to +1 it either. It could be a fancy little feature where you set up a duel with somoene and it shows up when doing archeology or something. But right now you can do the same thing but just write a book on it ingame instead. If you wish to store that book somewhere you can build a public library. Up to the player. Also it sounds like you should consider moving to Defiance or Chaos. You'd have more freedom there to stab your neighbour if you don't like the way they look at you.
  11. Instead of making a new suggestion i'll just bump this one up. +1 There's no reason not to be able to combine leather. Especially since other skills already let you do this using either a BSB or combining it in a forge. Nor is there any reason for rivets to be hot before combining. It's just a bigger pile of rivets. Feels more as an oversight if anything else.
  12. +1 But give the newbies a way to suggest things too. A good new player experience is important in a niche game like Wurm.
  13. +1 I can see the requirements for mailing logs be reduced to a regular mailbox, making it in line with ore lumps. This let's you send the occasional log to some crafter. Since regular pricing applies it's unlikely to ever be profitable to send larger amount of logs over the mail.
  14. Eating good food does not make you work faster. This makes no sense in real life and it makes no sense in a video game such as Wurm Online. What would make more sense is that food helps you recover stamina faster, or reduces the amount of stamina used on when doing actions. But hey! Wurm already does this. So yet again, this idea has no place in Wurm. So again -1
  15. Your actions take less time as your skill gets higher. It also takes less time when using the proper tools with enchants. -1 to your suggestion.