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  1. Ok, thanks for the guide! Still, I got some questions: 1. "Get 10s from the bank by right clicking the settlement token and choosing 'bank'." - Do you mean that I will get free money (10 silver), by doing this? EVEN if I am a totally new player?" 2. Why do I want to fill pots with water? 3. After finding the perfect spot, how much do I have to do, before it's mine? (I know what you wrote, but is it possible to claim the spot, take a 10 hours break and then do the other things you said?) 4. How do I make this 5x5 / 11x11 spot? Do I place a big tile on the ground and "BOOM", it's mine?% 5. Anything more you could tell me (tips), to make it more clear for a beginner? Thanks again!
  2. Hello! First time here and hopefully not the last! I have read somewhere that it's important to snag a good piece of land, as fast as possible, on the new server. I have never played Wurm for real, but will do it now. Somehow, I do feel stressed because of what I read. Do I have to worry, or should I burst through the tutorial, snag a plot and then relax? Or can I take it slow and easy? (also, do I have to be a subscriber, to have a plot?) Would be nice if someone could explain! Thanks!