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  1. Hillside Hideout Supply Shop

    Not even sure what you are asking Mathob.....This is a merchant ad that I am supplying people with tools and various other items.
  2. Hillside Hideout

    I am back from my leave of Wurm and looking for people to join Hillside Hideout. There are currently two of us in the village now and looking to make it more active.
  3. Hillside Hideout Supply Shop

    Back in game and ready to supply you with your needs and wants.
  4. Hillside Hideout

    Bump for players leaving and more room for people to stay or live
  5. Blacksmith Tools: 71Ql - 40c 81Ql - 60c Large Anvils: 71Ql - 70c 81Ql - 1.2s Carpentry tools 71Ql - 20c 81Ql - 40c Fine Carpentry tools 71Ql - 40c Cloth Tailoring 71Ql Meditation Rugs Exquisite - 1s Beautiful - 80c Fine - 60c 4 Sleeping powders- 1s each Located on Xanadu R-11. Can pm in game or on the forums for any further questions. In-game name is the same (Eroc)
  6. Close

    Supreme Brass hanging lamp 71Ql Pickup Only. Located on the Xanadu Server. Coordinates: R-11 Any further question please pm in game or on the forums. In game name is the same. Starting Bid: 6 Silver Increments: 50 Copper Buyout: None Reserve: Starting Bid 1 Hour sniper protection
  7. Hillside Hideout

    Hello, As the name states the village name is Hillside Hideout. It is located at R11 on the map. I am a Vet player that can help with any questions or items you might need. Being premium is not a must but shows that you are an active player and take advantage of the premium things, like riding a horses or hitched cart, getting above 20 in skills, etc. Really looking for people who enjoy the game and enjoy the challenges that the game brings with it. There is no job that you will have or be demanded to do things you don't want to do. I want you to enjoy the game as much i do. You of course will have an area to build on.(house,yard). If you have any questions please ask here or you can pm me in game at Eroc. Thank you and Wurm on! Eroc
  8. WTS Seryll lump 90ql

    I am currently located on Xanadu, SW part of the map now
  9. WTS Seryll lump 90ql

    Heard the price is for them is 2s. Not sure if that is correct or not but i am sure we can work something out if you are interested.
  10. WTS Seryll lump 90ql

    Got 7 lumps of Seryll, 3 90ql and 4 80ql .1 Rod of Transmutaion
  11. Promised Land Hideout

    Would love to have you part of the village. Let me know if ya need a lift over to the deed and the time you will be available.
  12. Big Thanks For The Animal Spawn Update

    Been a long time since I seen this many animals around. (besides new server openings) Love it!! Always something lurking around. Good and bad. Thanks for the great update!!