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  1. Always enjoyed your Wurm content mate, keep it up
  2. No need to apologise mate, appreciate the reply! I hadn't thought of mirroring the file directly, I've just used a symlink at the moment so I'll have a look at the other post you mention and see if I can work around it. Here's hoping since it's such a damned useful tool
  3. I've used this tool in the Online version of Wurm previously and it's bloody brilliant. I'm, now running a WU server however and for the life of me cannot get it configured to work. The server is hosted on a PC within my network with the stats.xml file accessible via a web server. I have tried setting the ini to use a mapped network location and the local server flag set to '1' and I get this: If I set the Url to the actual web address of the xml with the local server flat set to '1', I get this: If I set the Url to the web address with the local server flag set to '0', I get this: The above message is also what one of my other players gets from his external connection. I had it working earlier today from my work laptop using the web Url and local server flag as '0' but now it doesn't seem to work under any circumstances. I'm sure I'm doing something simple wrong but I can't work out what.
  4. Here's the list of mods I use on my server - all of which are working with the current version of Unlimited. Must Have Ago's Server Mod Launcher (Client Mod Launcher for all Clients too) Announcer Ash Produce Bag of Holding Better Combat Log Better Dig Boat Mod Bounty Mod Bulk Mod (allows hot items to go into BSBs etc) Bulk Separated (sorts items by QL) Bulk Transport (allows large quantities to be transferred to BSBs etc) Char Produce (modified Ash Produce for charcoal) Creature Age Crop Mod Deed Mod Discord Relay Double Bulk Capacity Fire Burn Time Harvest Helper Hitching Post Hitch Limits In-breed Warning Location Command Tree Farm Move Mod (player, vehicle movement speeds) Move to Centre No Build Limit No Decay (modified) Pick More Sprouts Quality Damage Tooltips (requires client side mod to be installed) Server Fixes Server Packs Set height Skill Mod Spell Mod Timer Fix Don't have all the links handy at present, many of them are from packs so you should be able to find them in the first couple of pages of the Mods forum pretty easily. Happy to help if you have any other questions though
  5. Thanks team, will have a look at the DB and see what damage I can do
  6. Is it possible to set/change a players citizenship via GM tools? I have a player who didn't realise placing a deed would remove him from his existing settlement and would like to rejoin without the 22hr timer if possible.
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone, sounds like the plan will work but I notice yarnevk mentions that others can still continue building an unfinished boat even when inside a building or on deed. Is that intended? Why would I want random people to be able build something of mine that is on a deed, it doesn't seem to make sense for that to be the case?
  8. I have been playing since the launch of Pristine and have learnt an awful lot about the game and it's intricacies. One part of the game I am finding confusing however, is deed and building security and permissions. Here is the scenario that a friend and I are working on - we are constructing a building to be used as a shipyard, it will face the water with a short slipway out the front into the water itself. Ideally, we'd like the water front wall of the building to be comprised of archways; for larger boats it's more aesthetic than just doors. The building is on a deed that we have placed. However, since archways appear to allow anyone into the building regardless of writ settings, we'd need fences to lock down the slipway...which frankly, would look crap. So ultimately, what I'd like to achieve is to have an open front to the shipyard building but prevent other players from messing with any WIP ships within. Is this possible? As a secondary question, in the case of a building with multiple locked doors, is it possible to set access permissions seperately for different doors (i.e. to separate internal rooms) or are building permissions always global for said building?
  9. Sometime dabbler/new player here, I'll be keen to get in on this intitiative, the Eve University is a great example of an in-game organisation helping new players so it's nice to see something similar here! I'm in GMT +13 timezone but hopefully I won't miss out on all the fun