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  1. If this is the case, why was that never communicated clearly to anyone?
  2. That's just completely retarded and if that's a feature, it SHOULD have been mentioned.
  3. Sorry to necro a thread, but this just happened to me. I spent days making all the mats, attaching and creating my tower (I don't allow deeds on my server) just to have the tower gone the next time I start the server. I made a new tower with my GM alt and restarted the server, poof, no more tower. This is game-breaking. A guard tower takes some serious effort to make and having it just vanish on server restart is a reason not to play. This needs to be looked into right now.
  4. Valrei International 003

    Or when you guys are finally going to address the WU skill gain for mining, meditation and the like? Its still horribly low.
  5. In Wurm Unlimited, it would be nice to have flags on the server to disable priest restrictions.
  6. No, I am not. I don't want a mod, which is hack-ish. I want a feature I can use in the launcher itself. I use no mods.

    Originally, I made the server for just myself. I am going to rename it. Apparently I am an idiot and the word meant something else in my mind...

    No one will be interested, and I can't keep this computer on all night. Bad idea. Close please.
  9. The game world is huge. Finding people online and with goods that can be mailed is a pain, we all play at different times and in different time zones. Using the forums is ridiculous, and goes back to the ship by mail problem because, let's face it, we have too many maps and the travel times are atrocious. Merchants and Traders? Running all over for days and days hunting towns and markets for the thing you might want is the most idiotic thing in this game. I live high on a mountain. Others live on remote islands or far from others. Heck, everyone lives as far from others as possible. We should be able to build an Auction Building, finalize it with say some silver and an Auctioneer pops into it and you can buy and sell across all servers, with delivery time dependent on how far away the buyer is. You (Code Club AB) takes a small percentage of the sale and look, you have a steady cash flow, we get what we want and we can get back to playing and crafting instead of traveling.
  10. Currently, the stamina drain while casually piloting a large cart, or riding a horse is way too much. Why does it tire me out so much to sit on a bench and hang onto horse reigns? We domesticated horses to make travel easier, and increase the time between rests, and yet in Wurm, I have to rest every 100 yards or so to get my stamina back. This has been going on since the inclusion of horses and needs to be addressed.
  11. After 8 rifts, ZERO loot

    You did get something, the experience, the skill gain, the fun, the community banding together for a common goal. Why does it always have to be about what material items you got or didn't get? If you aren't feeling rewarded by them, stop going to them.
  12. After 8 rifts, ZERO loot

    I'm sorry, but boo hoo. This isn't WoW where you only get things from killing things, this is Wurm where we make all our own gear, the reward should be the event, not the shiny at the end. Make your own shiny.
  13. 3D Wurm

    What does this have to do with the conversation? Plus, that's one huge wall of text, break it up. Never heard of a paragraph?
  14. 3D Wurm

    It can be done, even in Java. Minecraft does it pretty well. As stated earlier though, it would require a complete re-write of the server and client, as the current terrain and cavern systems would have to be ditched and are probably so ingrained into the code that a re-write would be the only solution. I would suggest writing the server in C++ and keep the client in Java, or use Unity (I can help with that) or Unreal Engine.
  15. 3D Wurm

    Please, stop using the phrase "3D" to mean you want volumetric terrain and caves. From a developer's standpoint, or anyone who knows what 3D means, you sound ignorant and it grinds my gears. It's like people calling the case of all your computer a CPU, it's amazing people still do that. 3D means the graphics have height, length and depth, so Wurm is 3D. ALL GAMES like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and the old Tomb Raider are 3D games, as their graphics are NOT flat images drawn on the screen. Games like the old Ultima Online are 2D, as they have images for graphics and nothing more, and the new Ultima (can you even use that phrase anymore?) has yes, 2.5D, as they have 3D graphics on a 2D flat images map. Wurm is a 3D game that uses a variable heightmap that's streamed from the server which your client then draws in realtime (this is why you get that odd lag from time to time). It, and all the avatars and objects in the game have height, length and depth. So Wurm is a 3D game. What you want are features, like jumping, or volumetric (voxel-like, or marching cubes) terrain. Ask for that, not "true 3D" because you sound stupid.
  16. I like to explore, and not know what is around the next bend, and the maps on WU don't lend themselves to exploration. Granted, with the tools made by the community (so maybe this is a community suggestion too), having an option to create a random map we don't see until we log in and explore would be a cool option. 1 - Select random map on the server window. 2 - Press the Generate button 3 - Wait for the program to create a random land 4 - Log in and explore! You could go a step further and take Wurm Online to the next level and procedurally create a new map, nay, an entire planet for us to explore. Not knowing what is around the next corner, or over the next hill would be amazing, and there would never be a cry of "there's no land to deed." Thoughts on either?
  17. Unlimited Chat

    So, how about a "global" chat channel for all of the Wurm Unlimited games? So those of us that play solo, or on very low population severs can still have people to talk to, ask questions, maybe swap servers, etc.
  18. Weekly News #29 Quivering with Excitement

    Wurm hands down has the stupidest titles...
  19. Unlimited Chat

    The bigger problem with an IRC chat and not a default universal chat for WU is that you have to manually pull up the IRC chat, and the tab for a universal chat would be up all the time, like global kingdom and kingdom. People use those channels because they are there by default.
  20. Unlimited Chat

    Because 90% of the players either: 1) Don't know about the in-game IRC or: 2) They simply don't use it, and only pay attention to the default channels.
  21. Unlimited Chat

    I play WU for three reasons. One, I don't need to pay monthly to play premium. Right now, I am destitute, working food service in this capitalistic world yields crap pay. I can barely pay my part of the bills. Two, and most important, no one is on my server making crap, abandoning it or generally ruining the server for me. Yeah, be nice to have some people (friends) join me, but all my friends are wow-lovers and the pace of Wurm gets to them. Lastly, my Unlimited server will outlast Wurm Online. Once the servers shut down forever (it happens to all games) my server will live on until I die.
  22. Unlimited Chat

    Yeah, no one pays attention to that chat. Tried it, its not chatty enough. Run my own server?
  23. I just re-installed my operating system, and WU, and when I tried to run the dedicated server and get that setup, Steam had no idea what I wanted and put me on the front Steam store page. What happened to it?
  24. No "tools" menu. Usually when I click the Manage Server button with Use Dedicated Server checked, it pulls the dedicated server software from Steam. Now, nothing.
  25. I am on Linux Mint, and used the Map Generator 2.8 to make a map, copied the relevent files to the new copy of Creative and changed the sql insert files and am now having trouble rebuilding the database. I run from terminal rebuild-dbs and it has no idea what that command is (yes, I am in the folder). I try ./rebuild-dbs and same issue. Try and run the rebuild-dbs.bat and get the following errors: ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 1: @ECHO: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 2: ECHO: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 3: ECHO: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 4: ECHO: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 5: ECHO: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 6: $'\r': command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 7: $'SETLOCAL\r': command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 8: SET: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 9: SET: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 10: SET: command not found ./rebuild-dbs.bat: line 11: syntax error near unexpected token `(' '/rebuild-dbs.bat: line 11: `FOR %%G IN (%*) DO ( So...what do I do? Do I have to install MySQL?