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  1. Having different areas you can dip into to learn as much or as little as you like sounds like a good way to do it. Perhaps similar to the first part of Dark Souls 2, there's the path to Majula with turnoffs that you can explore all of them linearly or in any order you choose if you're so inclined, with the stones outlining the different controls, but off a path leading to the portal that you can walk straight through to if you wish. If people are still coming in without the information thats sort of their own problem, they were given a choice and they can always ask or take a look at the Book of Wisdom.
  2. For gods sake. I find a nice spot with silver and iron and now I'm gonna have to pack up and bloody well move.
  3. People will create roads to the places they need to go and it will spider out from there. Markets at both Greymead and Lormere seem to be the most logical ways to do it with the server being the size it is. Those who want access to marketplaces will connect, those that wish to stay secluded may do so. And from the map the rivers and inlets all coming in from the sea will allow reasonable ship travel to almost everywhere.
  4. When it's happened to me before I always ignored it, didn't bother with food or anything, was always gone within about an hour =/ Unless its gotten more effects than it used to it won't affect your gameplay at all.
  5. If you have a sermons with 6 or more listeners your prayer counter is reset. These events usually attract a great deal of valid listeners. Just to add, make sure you've read up on sermons and alignment issues if you've not done them before if you're planning on going: (Plus the act of praying to Vynora even as a follower reduces the amount of time it takes for the RoS to reappear in the cast menu).
  6. Would love to join. Gonna hit 50 faith tomorrow.
  7. Fleshed out, that could be a really nice design. Doesn't directly fit the aesthetic though, so that might have to be looked at - based on what i think is should look like when fleshed out and how I think the artists are going with their design decisions
  8. +1. They're a great bunch of people. Live on pristine myself and while my deed is open to newcomers i generally send them to the academy. Brilliant community there and its newbie-centric.
  9. The point of this i feel is to have traders that are only able to sell kingdom items. Perhaps have merchants that cannot buy at all but always have kingdom items available for a reduced investment. I may have misread and skipped half of the thread but It seems to be what he's getting at, and that's something i would endorse.
  10. Roughly 40-50s methinks. An actual skill dump might be appropriate. Plus listing affinity if its been found.
  11. +1 Definitely in favor of this.
  12. Tokens can be put in jacked up places anyway, I think allowing resize in only one direction is a much more simple fix to this.
  13. Nope, I like training ropemaking as it'll be useful later for my priest. If you really do want wemp you can buy it from me for 20c a plant. However this is also not possible until the 1st as I have family arrangements to attend + a drunken New Years Eve night.
  14. Icelion's General Store (Closed, for Now) (Not taking any new orders on rope until the 01/01/13 due to family obligations.) Hello Pristinites! I am located at Molyneux Harbour; (27x, 14y) We produce a range of different goods and also offer Vynora conversions for free whenever I'm online. I'm offering a range of goods for sale to order, take a look below, to order post on this thread, contact me in game - Icelion/Icetiger or send me a forum PM; This is currently just a personal list of what I can produce and what I could sell in the future. I have decided to focus on deed development rather than try and make any money out of the haphazard mess I have now. Apologies to any I have misled in this endeavor. Rope: 10c Per (Out of Stock) Orders: Archaegeo: x2 Shadowoftheapocalypes: x4 Gold Lump 1ql: 5c per 2kg Gold Lump 20ql: 5c per 1kg Statuttes, 10ql +: Vynora: 15c Fo: 20c Magranon: 20c Libilia: 50c Iron Tools 20ql: 10c / 3 tools. Iron Weapons 20ql: 10c per Weapon (Double for Huge Class Weapons) Practice Dolls 20ql: 10c Rowboats: 2s per Boat, anchor not currently included. (Will be in the future) Bear in mind time dictates a great many things. A rowboat can take a couple of days to create for instance, especially with the ql of tools that are available at the moment. Please be patient.