To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. It makes the item you use it on Rare.
  2. WTS Rare Dragon Bone Looking for 25s. Will take Barter in exchange for silver off of price: Sleep Powder, 1s/powder. Gems, 1c/ql.
  3. CoD Brass compass 63.00 ql WoA 90 3s To Naycenus. Thanks.
  4. Noracre (Now Cavarhall) at 20x, 6y still has all three public altars. But there is no longer a Mag priest, or a Vyn Follower/Priest. Still have a Fo priest, Fo Follower, and a Mag Follower. Thanks.
  5. Noracre x20, y6 has been changed to Cavarhall, and Onyx x21, y6 has been changed to Pinebox, thank you.
  6. Sickle, iron (c80) Scissors, iron (c83) Butchering knife, iron (c85) Rake, iron (c86) I'd like to get the above imped to 20ql or so, if that's at all possible. And I'd also like the Rope Tool, Oakenwood (86c) 80ql. My last request is to get a Scythe made with CoC 80-85 and imped to 20ql as well. CoD to Naycenus. PM Naycenus in game or on forums if there is any issue. Thanks.
  7. [13:26:50] The items are now available and you have been charged 14 silver and 20 copper. Thanks again, have a good day.
  8. [11:38:05] The items are now available and you have been charged 9 silver and 20 copper. Thanks again.
  9. CoD Naycenus please. Thank you.