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  1. Please add Alnwick, approximately at 15Y, 20X (Just below Foggy Mountain and within visual distance of Neosphy [at least at night!]). Roads are being built to connect all 3 settlements; which should hopefully speed up traffic along that coast.
  2. Ah, that makes sense. I'm assuming this will open up eventually though? I'd like to eventually drop a deep on the new server; using my existing silver would be nice.
  3. So using the mail system to send the silver to a new character on the new server isn't possible?
  4. Hey there, It's been a while since I played Wurm (about a year) and I've decided to start a new toon with a friend on the new server. Now, my existing toon has some silver in his account - can I somehow get that silver over the the new character? I didn't play enough / remember enough about Wurm to know if thats possible. It'd be nice to have that silver on hand right away, you know?